Anyone had a sandals honeymoon/holiday?

MrsRS2BMrsRS2B Posts: 240
We are thinking of going on honeymoon to either the sandals montegro bay, or sandals grande orio rios. Has anyone had any experience of either of these, or any experience fo sandals at all?

I would love to hear how you found it, and what you would recommend.


  • carlabragancacarlabraganca Posts: 245

    We have booked our honeymoon with Sandles.

    Going to St Lucia, havent really heard of many people on here who are also going or been! I cant imagine it being anything but amazing, like the rating says its luxury included.....

    Read alot of reviews and havent found a bad one as yet.

    Where about were you thinking of going?


  • MrsKiraSRMrsKiraSR Posts: 1,424
    We went to SGOR for our honeymoon in March on a 65% off deal.

    We had a great time, and having visited Sandals Dunns river whilst we were there, SGOR was much nicer.

    If you can afford it DEFINATELY worth paying more and getting one of the Butler suite rooms- we had a plantation villa with shared pool and butler. It just adds so much- personal escort/driver, you can get seated at any of their restaurants without queuing, beds turned down with rose petals and candles and little notes from the butler.

    If you can get a good deal, and a good room catergory, SGOR is def a got pick for a honeymoon. The standard rooms are quite small and not very special, so ok for a holiday, but not so much for a H'moon.

    K x
  • MrsRS2BMrsRS2B Posts: 240
    Thanks for replying girls!!!

    There is a sale on at the moimage, we are thinking of the plantation suite with shared pool, I think its the same one as yours Mrs Kira000 S-R!!, but without the butler service.

    Anyone else have any advice/ideas/experiences?
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