Honeymoon Worries - Advice Please?

jen_halybjen_halyb Posts: 104
Hi Ladies

I'm getting married June 2011 and have not yet booked the honeymoon. We were hoping to go to America however I'm a little worried that the volcanic ash may cause problems for months to come and we have no way of knowing when it will come back (if ever! fingers crossed not). I am totally paranoid about this as we were due to go on holiday to China when this first happened and it all had to be cancelled. Luckily we got all our money back though.

I was wondering if anyone else is worried about this and has still to book their honeymoon?


  • amyhibamyhib Posts: 25

    I go on honeymoon 2 weeks tomorrow, were going to America (Florida). I am a bit concerned that the Volcano will wake up again, but then i think its out of my control,and what will be will be.So why worry. I'm just concentrating on my BIG day. I think you should just plan for what you want and leave the rest to destiny!! Lol
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