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Mexico - only all inclusive?

I am just wondering out of curiosity really, is Mexico mostly and all inclusive place to go or is it possible to rent a room only and go out for meals in restaurants? Is it sfaer to book an all inclusive hotel and stay in the resort?


  • VodkaggirlyVodkaggirly Posts: 721

    Where in Mexico are you thinking? I've been to Cancun on room only (though admitedly a long time ago) we stayed in the old town. There was lots of restaurants to go out to but it did get fairly expensive, very safe. Lots of cheap buses to travel along the area in as the hotels on the strip area are fairly spread out.

    In Acapulco we stayed in All inclusive and didn't eat out much as the food was great in the hotel. There was plenty of restaurants there as well. It was very hot so we were to lazy to walk anywhere but we were to lots of clubs and felt safe in them.
  • lucyc1uklucyc1uk Posts: 448
    Have a look at Playa Del Carmen- lots of hotels or apartments to rent, amazing street called 5th Avenue, loads of pretty bars and restaurants. Been in the area 3 times and just love Playa, its trendy and actually feels like you are in Mexico! Is South of Mexico, but easy to travel around area, loads of tourist attractions and things to do. Try expedia uk for the hotels mentioned. Lots of trendy boutique ones not all-inclusives such as Deseo, Mosquito Blue, Luna Blue etc X
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