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JT Safari - Kenya

alm498alm498 Posts: 77

We're just pricing up/planning Kenyan honeymoon, 14-nights at Voyager with a 3/4 night safari and have seen such good recommendations for JT we're keen to book him.

But, my fiance's concerned about the payment side of things and JT's request for English cash on collection - obviously £500 per person is a lot of cash to take and we'd rather not.

What have been your experiences of the payment side with JT?




  • Beach_brideBeach_bride Posts: 173

    Make sure you have the correct JT as there is someone trying to copy him.

    We have also booked our safari through him for August 3 day 2 night staying at Ashnil and Kilaguni. We have paid a deposit of $200 and the rest you pay after the safari and when you are happy with everything.

    Hope that helps

  • LilahBLilahB Posts: 113

    We've also booked our 3 day 2 night safari through JT Safaris and have paid him $200 deposit, like Beach Bride says, you don't have to pay him until you've been on the safari and you're happy, we're planning on taking travellers cheques rather than taking it all in cash, at least then you're insured if they're stolen.
  • Hey.

    We did our safari with JT last June and it was amazing - I can't recommend it enough.

    We met Julius outside the Voyager on our first day and discussed the itinerary with him.

    We paid a deposit but he was happy to take whatever we felt comfortable with - I think we paid about $200 on that first meeting but he was very clear he would take less if we didn't feel comfortable with it. If you are a bit worried maybe e-mail him and let him know and I'm sure you can work something out together.
  • alm498alm498 Posts: 77
    Thanks ladies - I will bear that in mind re 'Fake JT'...

    If you don't mind me asking, how did you pay the deposit? And 'scraggyanna' did you just book on arrival, or was it already planned?

    Anna - of the non-scraggy varietyimage
  • MrsCoe2bMrsCoe2b Posts: 150
    We are going on Safari with JT and we werent comfortable paying a deposit like that and he said it was not an issue and we are seeing him on the day of arrival in our hotel
  • Lol!

    I'm pretty sure we paid the deposit in cash, but can't remember if we used pounds or dollars.

    We had emailed back and forth with JT prior to honeymoon and discussed wanting a four day safari, and when we arrived we discussed which places we wanted to stay in - Julius had some suggestions and we were happy to go along with them. So we just sorted out the finer details when we arrived.
  • alm498alm498 Posts: 77
    That sounds great scraggy! (feels so rude to call someone that image )

    So, so long as you've got some kind of booking with him, you don't have to fix anything properly until arriving.

    Thanks again x
  • bon_bonneybon_bonney Posts: 39
    Guys what is this web address you are using for this "JT" company? Ive seen so many recommendations for Julius, we are keen to book, but dont know where to find him!!
  • alm498alm498 Posts: 77
    If you just google 'jt safaris' you'll find him (very orange website)!
  • We went to Kenya in March and booked our safari with JT. We paid him a deposit up front before we went I think it as about £160 which we paid by bank trf and then we paid the balance in cash after the safari. I think he has a few dif bank accounts in diff currencys so accepts dollars schillings or sterling. We took the cash out with us and just kept it lock in the saftely deposit box in our room we didn't pay him til the day after we got back from safari so didn't have to take the cash on safari with us.

    Where are you doing your safari if you are going to Tsavo east and west then I wholehearted reccomend staying at severin when you stay in Tsavo West it was really stunning, great food and really romantic sitting outside your tent at night.

  • helen756helen756 Posts: 186
    I have booked a 2 week holiday at the Voyager in August and have booked JT for a 3 day 2 night safari in Tsavo East / West. I would say be careful with negotiating as we thought we had agreed a brilliant price and paid him the $200 deposit via Western Union (in K shillings though) and he took the money but then said the price we had agreed was a misunderstanding and incorrect. I even confirmed it all before sending the money. With a lot of back and forth angry emails on my part, I finally had to give in to a greater price as he had our money for one thing. I wanted to go with him too as he sounds so good so had to give him the benefit of the doubt. That was back in October and he confirmed the booking at our agreed price. I have just emailed him this week to find out what we do when we arrive and have had no reply yet image

    Hope he is ok when we get there as otherwise we have lost $200. I would still recommend him as before all this mishap he was very professional and prompt in responding.

    Who is going to Voyager w/c 9th Aug 2010?
  • ExcitedDonnaExcitedDonna Posts: 132
    Hi Mrs_C_to_be! Me and my hubby will be at the voyager from 9th August 2010! We've booked through Thompson and flying out from Gatwick! We are also going on safari with JT, all arrangements have been made, but I am yet to pay him the $200 deposit. I was going to do it this week, but am a little worried after reading your post! So excited about Kenya!

    We've booked a superior room with a sea view! Can't wait!

    Donna x
  • helen756helen756 Posts: 186
    ExcitedDonna - how funny - we will be flying from Gatwick too and booked through Thompsons!! I think there are so far about 3 other couples who are going that same week as us!! It seems a popular place for honeymooners.

    I still havent heard from JT but I might resend the email. I would explain that you want to pay when you get there. I will be sooooo disappointed if he takes our money and shall rant and rave at him in person when I get there if he doesnt give it back or take us on safari (my H2B even joked that he might leave us out in the bush as we have disagreed with him image )

  • ExcitedDonnaExcitedDonna Posts: 132
    Wow 3 other couples....we should all wear name badges so we know who is who!! Good idea about JT, but i have heard really good things about him and his safari's. I shall see what the other half says! where abouts are you from then Mrs_C_to_be?

    Donna x
  • helen756helen756 Posts: 186
    Hi ExcitedDonna - we are from Hertfordshire (South part!). You?

    By the way we heard back from JT as I resent the email and he responded and apologised for not replying before. Has asked what time we want to meet once we have arrived. We are going to go to see him in the afternoon when we first arrive. Will be tired but oh well!

    I am sure we will all see each other on the coach to the hotel if not on the plane image
  • ExcitedDonnaExcitedDonna Posts: 132
    We are from Norfolk! Glad you heard back from JT. I am going to the bank this lunchtime to make the transfer. So many people I have spoken to have said it is all safe and above board, so we are just going to go for it! Have you suggested to him the days you want to go on safari and the places you want to stay?

    Donna x
  • roo10roo10 Posts: 722
    Hey everyone,

    I've just seen this thread, we went to Kenya last year, was fantastic. Great food, people, place and weather!!

    We used JT safaris, there's loads of reviews on trip advisor. It is definately worth using him although he didn't turn up when we'd arranged to meet him so we rang him and he came straight away. We only sorted it out properly once we were there, think we gave him £50 deposit and then paid the rest once we were back from the safari. Having your own private driver is great, and we did more game drives than tour companies. We went to Tsavo east and west and stayed in severin camp and ashnil lodge. Severin is amazing, ashnil was good but after severin, didn't like the electric fence around the lodge and it was quite far from the rooms.

    There is another guy posing as JT so becareful of him.

    JT's website is

    Hope that helps

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