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Honeymoons in Malaysia

Hi Ladies- has anyone ever been/planning to go to Malaysia for their honeymoon? Any advice or recomendations would be fantastic!


  • Fourfoot11Fourfoot11 Posts: 262
    Hi PollyRose,

    We're planning to honeymmon in Malaysia in early 2012. A few of our friends & my parents have been, and they loved it.

    We're planning to book through Trailfinders cos we want to fit loads of stuff in and our initial talk with them was really positive. We want to have a few nights in KL, go to Sepang for the grand prix, visit Borneo and see the orangutans and walk the rainforest canopy, visit Turtle Island, then trek up Mount Kinabulu to see the sunrise, and then over to Penang or Langkwai for a week on the beach.

    My friend's have all raved about the orangutans and I can't wait til they release next year's brochure so we can get it all booked!!
  • Abi1801Abi1801 Posts: 591
    We went to Malaysia in March for our honeymoon and it was brilliant! We went to KL, Borneo (including turtle island) and holiday ever!

    We booked through Trailfinders and they were so helpful. We stayed at the Shangri La Rasa Ria in Borneo where there is an orangutan sanctuary on site with baby orangutans. Also went to Sepilok (but you cant get as close as you can at the Rasa Ria) and we were lucky enough to see one in the wild!!!!

    Love love loved Malaysia!

    Abi x
  • LanneyukLanneyuk Posts: 179
    we went to Malaysia for 3 weeks for our honeymoon. Were supposed to go to Thailand but got cancelled the morning after the weddign because of the protests!! Booked malaysia completely on a wim but it was amazing! We wanted a travelling type holiday and booked everything when we got there. Staying in KL for 3 nigths, then went to Tama Negarah national park for three nights (oldest rainforest in teh world apparently), went over to Cherating on the east coast for a couple of nights and then to an island called Lang Tengah for a few nights of indulgance (hotel wasn't very luxurious but island was amazingly beautiful). Went to penang next for a couple of nights - georgetown was an amazing place but the coast there didn't seem veyr nice. No where close to the turquoise sea and white sand on the islands or east coast and Batu Feringhi (we thought) was really tacky and naff - could have been in spain!! we only stayed a night as we did a cookery course there which was fanastic. we went to penang as we were told it was a great place for foodies, which it was but it was also so full of culture. temples, churhces etc everywhere - completely fantastic. The people everywhere were so friendly and it was really easy to get around if you fancy going off the beaten track a bit. Enjoy!!
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