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August Honeymoon - ideas for where to go, and who with?!!

Hi ladies

Im looking for some inspiration for our honeymoon? Have spent the last few days looking at brochures and think we have narrowed it down to either Kenya, Cuba, Mexico or Mauritus. I just wonder what you are all going for and who you are booking with? I want something amazing but looking to spend no moer than about £1500 for 14 night AI?!

Any ideas?! x


  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    lol when you wrote who with i was like er... your new hubby?! image
  • VintagezillaVintagezilla Posts: 293
    Best thing to do first is check out the seasons for each of the locations - you have monsoon season you may have to watch out for with Mauritus, not sure about the rest. You'll be able to google this info easily as they are all reasonably popular holiday locations. This might help narrow it down a little image
  • We looked at Mexico in Aug but it is hurricane season. We are going to Hong Kong and Thailand and the cheapest we could do it at was more than your budget. Suggest going into trailfinders and asking them for suggestions though, they are very helpful. x
  • shop1909shop1909 Posts: 446
    I went to trailfinders this week to query our honeymoon for next August and were really helpful and gave me quotes and ideas, definitely worth it even though can't book for another 4-5 weeks.
  • Hop11Hop11 Posts: 1,404
    amyyearley wrote:

    lol when you wrote who with i was like er... your new hubby?!

    Exact same thing went through my mind lol image
  • Our honeymoon in Mauritius ended a few days into the beginning of August. During the last few days the weather did get cloudier and windier so if you're looking to be on the beach every day I would say that you aren't as likely to get the weather in Mauritius in August. It was still beautiful though and didn't ruin our honeymoon in the slightest image Good luck on choosing where to go image
  • HappyMrsMacHappyMrsMac Posts: 593
    I realised after i had written it that some people would be like errrr your new hubby! image LOL! image
  • We're going island hopping in Greece. Looked into lots of destinations but it's the hurricane season for so many places in august and didn't want to spend so much money to be rained on! Staying in some gorgeous boutique hotels and the weather should be HOT! We booked all the places ourselves and saved money based on what any companies offered us.
  • We are going to Prague for 5 nights, and staying in a 5* hotel (which we've never done before image)

    Due to August being in school holidays, we would have ended up spending a lot more than we wanted to. We are going to save up, and have a big holiday next year image

    Let us know where you decide to go!!

  • Off to Tuscany, booked a villa for a week near Florence (1 week with private pool for about £1000). Easyjet flights will keep it cheap on the transport front!

    I know anywhere Caribbeen will be moonsoon season, but parts of Africa will be good. Not South though, think it'll be winter then.
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