Chaaya Lagoon Maldives

Hello everybody!

After much deliberation, time and effort, I have booked my suprise (Sam if your reading this, stop now!), honeymoon for my B2B and me in August 2008!

I wanted a fantastic, honeymoon for my fantastic B2B. I hope and pray eveything turns out ok. I read loads of posts on this site and everywhere else, and despite the possibility of bad weather, I desided nowhere could match up to the Maldives!

Everyone seems to talk about the Hilton, Kurudu and Komandoo, but I have booked a place no one seems to mention - Chayya Lagoon.

I have tried to do as much reaserch as I could, and to be honest I was getting to the point were I was looking into it too much, and I eventually went for this place. Apart from overall good reviews on Tripadvisor, my hairdresser went there last year!

I am interested to know if any of you have been there, or have indeed booked to go there - maybee in Aug 08?!?

Thanks in advance,



  • Hi Jamie,

    We're going there in Sept this year and another bride, Kelly149 is going there end of July. She's promised to come back and give us a review but as you said, it seems popular on tripadvisor. Good choice!

    Chris x
  • elaineclarkeelaineclarke Posts: 868 New bride
    hiya Jamie, we have not booked it yet but we are definately going here for our honeymoon too. We are marrying 08-08-08 and i think our honeymoon will start 10-08 for 2 weeks - are you and b2b going to be there too at the same time? I've been doing loads of research on this resort and reading every comment on tripadvisor - all sounds so good and we are 100% sure.

    anyone else going there too?

  • Heya,

    We have booked our honeymoon here for September departing Gatwick 2/09/07, maybe we'll seeya there Chris H - When are you going? There is a fantastic website with loads of peoples reviews and holiday snaps!

    We chose Chayaa Lagoon from the Virgin Worldwide book and after reading all the excellent reviews on the net. Plus the best bit is you get a water bungalow at no extra cost to the holiday!!

    Bye for now

    xx Julia xx
  • Hi Jules,

    We're flying out on the 17th, so unless you're going for 3 weeks, we will just miss you....not long now and I can't wait!

    Chris x
  • Firstly, thanks to Julia for that link. There are some fantastic pictures on there - better than anything else I've seen. I feel even more excited about it now!

    Secondly, hello to Elaine! It's nice too hear from somebody else who is not only going to Chaaya, but is also getting married around the same time as us. Yes, we will be there on the 10th August 08. We get married on 2nd August 08, and fly to the Maldives on 4th August 08 for two weeks! Can't wait!!!

    Take care,


  • Hey all,

    Im glad you found that link helpful, the reviews and advice are great and they have real peoples holiday pics posted!

    Chris H sadly we are not staying for 3 weeks, we will be leaving the day you arrive I think. Its getting very close now and we're very excited!

    xx Julia xx:\)
  • elaineclarkeelaineclarke Posts: 868 New bride
    Just thought I would share a little tip for anyone who has not yet booked up.... and what we are going to do....

    If you book via Virgin Holidays, you can use your Tesco Reward Vouchers when you place the booking. We have been saving our vouchers and have over £100 at present - the value is quadrupled when you use them against Virgin Holidays and therefore we will make a saving of £400. You can only use the vouchers when you place the booking though, and not at a later date. But every bit helps hey?

    By the time we get there Jamie, you and your B2B will already have a great tan and we will be the two new pasty newcomers! It is great to know someone who will be there at the same time as us!

    I think this resort looks a real gem and at such good value for money too... we cannot wait...

    Julia and Chris, you must let us know every little bit of information when you return plus photos of course!

    Elaine xx
  • Will do, Elaine. Will probably bore you to death with the longest post ever!!!!

    Chris x
  • elaineclarkeelaineclarke Posts: 868 New bride
    cheers Chris - the longer the better! i have read everything on tripadvisor so in need on a new review!! photos are a must too!!
  • seizmoseizmo Posts: 176
    Hey all,

    I went to this resort on my honeymoon last September and it was wonderful. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


  • kjkukkjkuk Posts: 307
    hi there

    We booked last week for Chaaya Lagoon, we're getting married on the 8/8/08 but not flying out till 25th August for two weeks. It looks amazing. we booked it as almost everyone is in the water bungalows and i've read that on a lot of the other islands you get treated differently depending on what type of room you have - not nice!!

    May see you there

  • EMVBEMVB Posts: 146

    We're looking for a honeymoon in Sept 08 in the Maldives with a water villa - haven't decided where to go yet much did you guys pay, if you don't mind saying?

    I've just done a search on Virgin and it's coming uo with no holidays for 28/09/08 to the Maldives! That can't be right!!
  • kjkukkjkuk Posts: 307
    hi there

    We got ours from thomas cook from the 25th Aug - 9th Sept for £2956 after a wee bit of haggling!

  • sharplesuksharplesuk Posts: 857
    We're going there too! Flying out late September for just over two weeks. Top tip - if you want to go with Virgin Holidays - get yourself a frequent flyer card and they knock 10% off of the price! We're going all inclusive and got £398 knocked off of our overall price!
  • Hi all!

    It's nice to hear from some other people who are going there too, I'm getting quite excited now! However, my only concern with it at the moment (apart from the weather, but I can't control that!), is the fact we are flying with Monarch Airlines. I have paid for the uprated seats, but I have read nothing but bad things about them!

    Are any of you guys flying with Monarch?

  • kjkukkjkuk Posts: 307
    Hi Jamie

    We're flying Monarch and we're worried too. we have to book conecting flights to manchester and are worried we'll miss the one back as they seem to be terrible for delays. saying that we flew to cyrus on Helios a few years ago and nothing can be worse than that!!

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