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Mauritius Honeymoon Booked...........yayyyyyyyyyy - had to share my excitement!!!

My lovely H2B has just informed me that he has booked the honeymoon - I wasn't suposed to know until the wedding day where we were going but he 1) couldn't keep his excitement hidden and 2) wanted reassurance that he was making the right decision!

I have to say though I'm pretty glad he told me becuase I don't think I'd have been able to last another nearly 11 months with it as a secret and would have probably done his head in asking for clues image x x x


  • AngeGAngeG Posts: 67
    Awww, how lovely. Mauritius is gorgeous, you will have a wonderful time!
  • Ooo congrats! We are getting married there in 31 days!!!! Ximage
  • Thanks Ange, have you been? Where about's did you stay? x x x

    Neenaww what a fanstastic thing to do - I envy you and we would have done exactly the same if we didn't have a ridculously massive family!! Where are you getting married at? We are staying at the Heritage Awali image
  • AngeGAngeG Posts: 67
    Your welcome. Yes, a group of friends & I rented a villa in Grand Bay, do you know where you are staying? x
  • Wow sounds wonderful! We have booked in at the Heritage Awali -it does look stunning and impressed by the fact that you get Moet champagne in your all inclusive package!!! x x x
  • There are just the two of us going... Selfish?! Maybe .... But it's what we wanted!

    We are having the big party on our return and I will wear my dress again and we can all celebrate together. I can't wait!!!!!!
  • AngeGAngeG Posts: 67
    It was lovely, the beaches are to die for. Fantistic, am feeling a bit green image
  • AngeGAngeG Posts: 67
  • image glad you took it in the way it was intended!! I have quite an odd sense of honour lol. It's easier to 'get' in real life!! image x
  • fabulous place, I went in march and it was amazing, make sure you get a trip to Ile Aux Cerfs, a beautiful hideaway island, it was the highlight of our holiday of highlights
  • Mauritius is stunning!

    You'll have an amazing time; )

    So exciting!!!!! YAY

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