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Thailand Honeymoon Booked!!! :)

So excited just wanted to share with you all..we've booked our Honeymoon!

Going to Bangkok for 3 nights, Koh Samui for 4 nights and Phuket for 7 nights.

Roll on July 2012!

Anyone been or going to any of these destinations? Would love to know what you've got planned or if you have any advice x


  • Congratulations! I've got my honeymoon booked to Thailand too.

    We are doing 3n Bangkok, 4n Chiang Mai and then 8n Koh Samui so not far off yours!

    In Bangkok we are staying by the river and are planning to do the trips to the Grand Temple and Emerald Buddha. We would also like to check out some of the street markets for yummy local food and hit the shops! Think OH would like to see some Thai Boxing, so I'll probably tag along!

    In Chiang Mai we are hoping to spend a day at an elephant place (not sure which one yet), chill out and maybe do a cookery course (you can do this in Bangkok too). We are also looking at something called the Flying Gibbon - You can also do this from Bangkok - It's zipwires through the forest.

    In Koh Samui, we are planning to RELAX! Probably have some nice meals and lounge around on the beach. There is a trip to some waterfalls that we may do and probably some snorkelling or scuba diving.

    Have a look on Trip Advisor for some more ideas. Hope this helps!
  • oh your a girl after my own heart - sounds right up my street lol.

    I also want to do a cookery course and H2B will probs fancy the Thai boxing. Havent heard of the Flying Gibbon - will have to check it out!

    Who did you book yours with?
  • We booked through a local independent travel agent, but the actual hol is with Thomas Cook Signature.

    I've been getting some books out of the library on Thailand and gradually ploughing through them. If you type in the place name on Trip Advisor - eg. Phuket, it usually comes up with questions on the forum part of the site. I've found that there are things like - 'Top 10 things to do in Phuket' or 'Best cookery courses', it's SO helpful!

    Good luck with finding things to do, and do let me know if you find anything exciting that I've not mentioned as I'm still after ideas!
  • do0obie_xdo0obie_x Posts: 833
    Me too! We arent going till February next year, gives us something else to look forward to after our wedding but we are doing Koh Samui for 6 nights, Khao Lak for 3 nights and 1 night in Bangkok! Cant wait! image
  • LozDec99LozDec99 Posts: 23
    You will love it I've been to Phuket twice you must do the James bond island and phi phi island eat where the thi people eat and get a great massage on the beach so take tiger balm with u so excited for you both x
  • tabitha84tabitha84 Posts: 224
    I have travelled round Thailand 4 times in my travels and I love it, although I'm not really a fan of Koh Samui or Phuket because of some of the people it attracts but if you're in a nice place you should be able to avoid them. I prefer places like Koh Chang and Chiang Mai.

    I have done all the cookery course, Elephant riding stuff too, I loved it so let me know if you want any advice.

    We have just brought the flights to Thailand and we are just going where we like as we don't like planned stuff.

    We are also having our honeymoon in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, I have been to all these places but my h2b has not yet, we met backpacking in NZ and we love travelling and treking so we can't wait to have our backpackers honeymoon. We both have 3 months off work to enjoy before we have to become real adults...well sort off. image
  • I'm definately going to do the trip to Phi Phi Island - looks amazing! Also like the sound of Coral Island and Ang Thong Marine Park - so much to choose from isnt there! image

    My h2b really wants to go elephant treking - which would you recommend, doing it in Koh Samui or Phuket or wouldnt it make a difference really?

    Have you been to the floating market in Bangkok - is it worth bothering with or not?

    Also, how much spending money would we need for 2 weeks - including doing a few trips - would you say £1,000 is enough for 2 of us or would you say more?

    Thanks for your advice image
  • we've booked to going to bangkok for three nights staying in sheraton and then the six senses in koh samui for seven nights. actually cant wait!! been to bangkok before but never koh samui.

    im going to book the elephant trek before we go as i emailed a man on trip advisor who booked with same travel company and he said was cheaper to book trips through them than when there. he was really good help. not sure whether to do floating markets either?? not going to take loads of spends as when i went to thailand before the most expensive food stuffs we bought was cakes in starbucks haha!its cheap as. god i cant wait x
  • We booked our honeymoon to Thailand today too! We are going to Kanchanaburi for 3 nights, Bangkok for 1 night, 2 nights in Khao Sok National Park and 5 nights in Khao Lak - I am so excited! We are going on December so not long at all now!
  • We have huts been on holiday to Thailand to Bangkok and chaing mai and koh samui. Bangkok is mad, chaing mai has too be most interesting place for me, day trips through rainforest, bamboo rafting, waterfalls, amazing cookery course called Chiangmai cookery school, we went tothe most amazing elephant sanctuary in Chiangmai mai called elephant park, where a lady called lek opened the sanctuary eight years ago to rescue elephants that are badly treated in the tourist industry. You can go to sanc for a day or stay overnight in treehouse or volunteer for a week. There are forty elephants there with various injuries, you learn about elephants there. It is amazing, best part of my trip. Google elephant park Thailand and it will come up for those interested! You don't ride them but will bath and feed them. Those going to koh samui I recommend snorkelling day trip to koh Tao! Beautiful

    The video clip from sanctuary, tbe warned you may cry. Wish I had watched it before I went on ele ride!
  • We're off to Thailand too and I cant wait!! Fly into Bangkok and 3 nights there then onto Krabi for 10 nights to the Centara Grand which is on its private beach!! We get married in 5 days time and then go in December!! I am soooo excited xxx
  • MrsPLMrsPL Posts: 417
    Me too ladies - cannot wait for our thai honeymoon it's going to be bliss!!! Just started a new job and i'm sooo glad I already had the honeymoon booked as if i'd waited they don't allow you to take holidays in term time- phew!!! xxx
  • hi we went to thailand for our honeymoon and was amazing we did the phi phi islands and they were amazing u can also stay there for the night which we wish we had known about before!also did the elephant trek with siam safrari which was so good to! its so cheap to eat out there think we spent bot 800 with trips but took a thousand and it was plenty!have a lovely time ladies i am so jealous xx
  • We are thinking of Thailand for our honeymoon, maybe Koh Samui, Phi Phi or Krabi - which hotels are people staying in? There are so many I am overwhelmed by choice and need to narrow it down a bit!

    We would love a beach hut / bungalow but still want the luxuries of air con etc!

    Any advice would be great image
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