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Any body been to cape verde before?

At first i was looking at the maldives but apparently it's the rainy season in november, i would love to go to mauritus but it's abit expensive about 4k. our budget for the honeymoon is 3k, i know the canarys are good at that time of year but we've been a few times already and fancy somewhere different. I've never really heard of cape verde, does any body have any info on it??


  • Not really got any info on it but someone I worked with went there last year and loved it!
  • Sorry, haven't been there, although I have thought of going there as its near Africa and closer to the equater than canaries. Have you thought about going to carribbean (sorry spelling), I am sure it can be just as exotic as maldives and mauritus. I've been to Dominican Republic, Florida and Mexico in their hurricane season and the weather has always been fantastic.
  • yes we were thinking of dominican rebublic as well but my other half is rubbish at flying we recently went to egypt that was 5 1/2 hours and he was bad then, cape verde is only 6 so im hoping he will cope bless him. we usually do quite a lot on holiday but we said our honeymoon is for us to do nothing but relax. so just want somewhere really hot. thanks for advice
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    You've only really got 2 main choices on holiday companies for Cape Verde, either Thomson or the Cape Verde Experience. There are multiple islands and two of them have airports you can fly into. They are a mixture of African and Portuguese culture, some more Portuguese than others, some more African than others. Some are quiet, some are livelier. You could also look at Gambia, or Dubai (or one of the other Emirates) for similar flight times x
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    I've been to the Cape Verde Isles - went in May and to be honest, it was nice, but not amazing. Don't think we'll be going back anyway.

    There's really not much to do there (and what there is is charged at extortionate prices because they are run by the travel reps - no local firms really have set up yet!) You can wander into the town by yourself but there's not a lot there either to be honest - definitely no local restaurants or anything. Nice to see a bit of the local culture too.

    However, if all you want to do it lie by the beach then go for it - the hotel was lovely (Riu Karamboa) and the weather was beautiful too!

    Sorry if that sounds really negative - it's just that we went with really high expectations and I think it sort of struggled to live up to them!
  • Depends what you're after in a holiday/honeymoon.

    If it's activity, as the above poster implies, Cape Verde is not for you.

    If it's guaranteed good weather, swim up bar and laszing around all day on the beach/by the pool, nothing beats it. We went to Riu Karamboa too and for us it was the perfect holiday.

    Went to Boa Vista in June 2009 and loved it so much that we are hoping to go back for our honeymoon next year (to the new Riu Toureag which has an area dedicated for adults). However, we had such AWFUL service from Thompson (not the resort reps; they were good; but rather the online booking process) that I steadfastly refuse to go with them again. So much so, that I would change the location of my honeymoon to avoid giving them more of my money.
  • ye we usually like to get out and about on holiday, but for our honeymoon have decided we want nothing else than pure relaxation and the sun.
  • I've looked at the Cape Verde islands a few times and one thing that puts me off is that they're still 'up and coming' as a destination, and the quality of most of the resorts isn't up to the standard of places like the DR and Mexico. When I go All Inc I like to know I'll get a very good standard of food, drinks and service, otherwise it loses it's appeal. But weather-wise they're a good bet for November.

    As you've said the Canary islands are also good; maybe you could stay somewhere you haven't stayed, or splash out on a really luxurious hotel if you haven't before to make it a bit more special? My OH and I are planning to go to Mexico for our honeymoon and it'll be our 4th or 5th trip there, but we like the familiarity, and we'll be splashing out on a top hotel.

    Egypt is another option, though again you've already been.

    As far as flying long-haul goes, I'm not scared of flying, but I don't enjoy it. I actually prefer flying long-haul to mid haul though; once you're on a plane, flying 9 hours isn't much different to flying 6 hours, and you usually get more food, more legroom, and better inflight entertainment long-haul (some airlines are stopping IFE on mid-haul flights this year; I think Thomas Cook is one of them)
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