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August Honeymoon ideas!

My fianc????e and I have been so exciting researching ideas for our honeymoon next year. We have so many places we would love to go. One ideas was Mauritius but some people have said it is rainy in August.

Help and advice would be very welcome!!!


  • lohan85lohan85 Posts: 185
    We're going on honeymoon oon the 30th July. We really struggled finding somewhere because of the rainy season. My H2B's brother just got married and they went to Mauritius which they loved but said it was definately the wrong time of year and told us not to book it as when it rained it rained for half of the day. I think that the Maldives is quite similar weather wise.

    We were thinking Bali as the weather is nice that time of year but the hotels within our budget looked a bit grotty and as we got engaged last year on hol in Mexico which was super luxurious we didn't want it to be less luxurious if that makes sense.

    So we decided to look at hotels and by mistake we came across a hotel in Jamaica which isn't what I fancied at all for a honeymoon but it looked fab. Couples only, luxury all-inclusive, first class flights, a gorgeous suite with everything you could think of, 12 restaurants, 9 bars, nightclub. It also has the types of trips out we like to go on. I know its not the best time of year to visit the carribean but we have been for the past few summers and when it does rain it is typically for about 30 mins. image
  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride
    You could try Mexico but you need to go for the Westen coast as east coast (e.g. cancun) will be in hurricane season. We went to Los Cabos and it was amazing

    America would be good.

    We went to Kuala Lumpur and Bali for ours (end July beg Aug) and it was amazing weather and lovely hotels. Malaysia has a lot of resorts that will be really nice at that time, but check when Ramadan is otherwise you might find a lot of places closed during the day.
  • EmmaTHPEmmaTHP Posts: 302

    I've been to Mauritius for two weeks in August before and had beautiful weather - I think we might have had a little rain, but certainly not enough for me to remember it, or for it to stop us from going on the beach! Overall the weather was lovely, though the evenings were a little cooler so you'd need a cardie or a light jacket. Lots of people go there in summer so I wouldn't write it off if that's where you really want to go - might be worth speaking to a travel agent like Turquoise Holidays as they'll be able to offer you the best advice.

    You might also find this handy:
  • Thanks these are great ideas. We were thinking about America but if we did New York is always such a draw, especially as we got engaged in central park.

    I am glad you have a good experience in Mauritius. When I have looked it up the rain seems to be less then even though it is their winter.
  • Hi Brader,

    We booked our Honeymoon to Mauritius through Turqoise Holidays, we researched everywhere (and had a budget of £4000) and thought we would be able to go almost anywhere - this is definately not the case! Everywhere was so expensive! So after researching Mauritius and asking others we dicided that out of all the places in our price range (Kenya, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Carribean etc) that the best weather would probably be Mauritius. Good luck with choosing and keep us informed on your decision! x x x
  • Hello,

    We'll be getting end of July 2012 and are having the same problem re: weather. Right now, we're thinking either Tanzania (5 or so days safari, a week of so in zanzibar) or combining Malaysia and Borneo.

    We actually went to a 'honeymoon event' last night organised by Turquoise Holidays and Brides Magazines. They had so many amazing hotels (though no prices of course! image ), I've gotten VERY excited about honeymoons now!!

    Good luck with your search....
  • I've been looking into South African safari's or possibly Thailand for my August honeymoon, need to see how much money's left tho otherwise it'll be Italy which is another place I'd love to go.
  • south africa will be very cold in august, i last went for the world cup in june and it was just getting into winter, it was very very cold! mauritius is gorgeous but their rainy season is february/march, it will be low season in august but shouldn't be too rainy, just not incrediblt hot. for a guide, anything over 6 hours flight will mean going into the opposite season to us, with a few exceptions - canada and western/northernmost america will still be hot, bear in mind that florida and the southern states have an unbearably high humidity rate, and the caribbean risks tropical storms/hurricanes. middle east is roasting hot as is Egypt
  • We have just arrived back from our honeymoon and had an amazing time! We left on 26th August so were away for just over 3 weeks.

    -Cape town-nice weather to see the sights-if it was too hot then it wouldnt have been as nice i dont think. Id say it was like a nice avergae sunny day in england-about 17 degrees on average.

    -We then went along the garden route which was similar weather.

    -We then went on safari in eastern cape-it was nice weather again-in the day it was probably high 20s-I got a tan and was sunbathing!

    -We then went to mauritius and again its their winter however it was lovely weather-Id say about 28 degrees. It was hot but there was a nice breeze! No rain!

    Id say because it wasnt their summer-the resorts were quiet and not over crowded and also the weather was nice for me!! the owner of the game reserve we stayed out said that in summer-one morning in the shade it was 30 degrees-wayyyy to hot to do anything!!

    Just wanted to clarify on weather from my experience!! x
  • This is a very small part of the reason I wanted to get married in December, as so many good long haul places to go!

    To be honest most people I have ever spoken to who went out if season say it rains a little but then is gorgeous the rest of the time.

    However, you have to bear in mind that you are taking a risk. My friends parents took that risk with the Maldives last year after everyone said it would be fine andthey had to get a flight home it was that bad, but that is literally a freak case. You should go somewhere where you at least give yourselves chance of a good weather

    Look at Bali I m sure that is good at that time of year.

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