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How do you go about asking people to help contribute to our honeymoon?

We've been looking around for some free honeymoon registries as we're on a tight budget, and we stumbled upon this website: It basically gives us enough space to write a nice welcome message, an engaging description and insert pretty pictures for our multiple items! We were also thinking of having a few traditional registry objects, so as not to cause problems among the guests.

We're not sure though -- what do guests think about honeymoon registries? What's the appropriate way of telling guests about this?


  • We've written this:

    "We have been asked what we would like as a gift, and our answer is simple: you, at our wedding, having a good time!

    We know that many of you are travelling long distances to join us on our special day, and we do not expect any gift other than the pleasure of your company.

    However, if you do feel that you wish to give a gift, contributions towards our dream honeymoon in india would be gratefully received."

    Our honeymoon company (Audley) are going to set up a webpage where people can log on and donate, and also provide us with little cards with the details to go in our invitations.
  • we've got a small gift list with John Lewis, (for those guests who would feel offended at being asked for money) but are including a little card explaining our plans and that if guests would so wish that they can give us some money to send us off in style! image
  • We've got a cash gift list which combines honeymoon and home items. Wanderable looks fine, but is based in the USA - what do you do if something goes wrong? It's a long way to go to try and track down you wedding gifts - also, it looks as though guests have to pay in American dollars? We went for a UK company who have been around for ages - they were recommended on here and have been very reliable. They give you an entire website for wedding too, not just the gift list. Ours is here if you want to see on in action.
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