kuredu island, maldives -anyone going??

hiya you lot

after much deliberation me and h2b have decided on kuredu in maldives. however we have hit a bit of a problem - we want a water bungalow and everywhere is sold out!! i have tried all the obvious travel agents, just wonering if any of you are booked to go here, is so who with, just in case they are a company we have not tried?? please help!!!!!! xxx


  • FloristfloFloristflo Posts: 743
    Hi ive been there a few years ago...try booking direct and then get yr flights.

    We booked with kuoni i think and flew with airtours.

  • have you tried hayes & jarvis?
  • kazzakazzakazzakazza Posts: 181
    hi when are you going?we are just back went 27thjune it was ab amazing we were in the jacuzzi beach villa and used the sangu end which was far superior in our eyes.we did look at upgrading to the water villa but to be honest we preferred the jbv.there should be vacancies as when we were there it was fairly quiet and they said they were available.email the resort direct we went with one and only but heard hayes and jarvis and first hoice were excellent.glx
  • shezakezashezakeza Posts: 99

    We are going to Kurdeu!! We got a water bungalow for 2 weeks, arriving 13th May. Can't wait!! We booked months ago.

    Booked through going places altho i think all the water bungalows are gone now. Try e-mailing Kurdeu through www.kuredu.com. I have heard that the Jacuzzi Beach Villas are just as nice tho.

    Hope that helps, but i'm sure whatever you book you will end up having a fab time!

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