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Hi all,

Im needing some advice and recommendations re: where to go... We were originally looking at all singing all dancing Indian Ocean, but have since had to tighten the reigns for various reasons and need a suitable compromise which isn't Blackpool...

we have a budget of around £1k each and we want 2 weeks somewhere hot. MrMc cant cope with sun worshipping (he gets bored) and I have too many health issues to allow me to go wandering round cities etc all day, but we would be happy with watersports and other various excursions...

The wedding is 31 March 2013, but we're not precious about when to go. I reckon we would probably be looking at taking as little spending money as possible too so possibly a really good all inclusive?

Can anyone recommend anything as the travel agents have been pi$$ poor tbh and have recommended stuff like Ibiza (MrMc is a rocker) or Turkey (his parents have a house there which incidently we are NOT allowed to use image but its not like a holiday for him when we go there either) image The world is a very big place and I am struggling for inspiration

We are asking for honeymoon donations as wedding gift too...


  • The Dominican Republic looks like it has some pretty good All Inclusive deals for under £1000 each. My friend had her honeymoon there about 6 years ago and loved it. Think they got it for around £800 each.
  • MrsKGtoBMrsKGtoB Posts: 286
    One of the Greek Islands? A bit of history and culture, good food and not associated with one particular music type? Majorca maybe - I would love to go to the boho chic bit of Ibiza and I like my rock music!
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    Couple of things you need to consider:

    - If you're going straight after the wedding it's going to be the Easter holidays, that means the prices are going to be inflated

    - Most summer resorts only open start of May, my sister went to Rhodes 5th May and said it was really quiet. Obviously for your honeymoon that won't be a problem, but the lack of flights will be.

    - Weather may not guaranteed. My sister said the locals were really chuffed with the weather, and that was early 20s in May, so you're going to be looking at late teens on short haul.

    - Morocco may be worth a look, in particular the Riu hotels (First Choice/Thomson). Agadir is more purpose built/holiday ish, Marrakech has the markets. There may even be some companies where you can do a twin centre.

    - Cape Verde, we were originally looking at it (with Thomsons) as really good value for money, mid haul flight. It is Portuguese and off the coast of Africa, so different islands have different cultures.

    - If you postpone the honeymoon for a couple of weeks I think you would easily be able to look at Mexico & Caribbean for your budget.

    - You could also look at Egypt, Sharm el Sheikh probably has the best variety of excursions. They are a bit happy go lucky with their star ratings though so ensure you look at Trip Advisor before booking anything!

    - One of my old favourites is Tenerife. It has really transformed itself over the years and has some fantastic quality hotels. Soooo many excursions you can do, we've done various boat trips, Loro Parque, there's the volcano, water parks etc etc. Canaries would be good weather for the time of year too.
  • soontobeamrssoontobeamrs Posts: 293 New bride
    Try - I've had some excellent (and cheap!) all inclusive holidays with them!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Do look at various date options as for our honeymoon it was half the price to go in December anf back on Christmas Eve to being away christmas or new year. It will be the same with Easter so maybe have a mini moon a weekend or night somewhere straight after the wedding and go away a few weeks later.

    If you avoid school hols you can easily get 2 weeks all inclusive for £1k each. I loved Varadero in Cuba there was an area to wander around little markets water sports etc and a bus you could get a ticket for and hop on and off all day if wanted. Plenty of excusions lovely people
  • tripqueentripqueen Posts: 222
    Marrakech is excellent, we went there last year for a holiday and stayed at one of the Rui resorts through Thomson, fab service and really good value, food also excellent! If you went for it go for the Tikida Palmerie hotel rather than the Tikida Garden, the food is better! We paid £500 all inclusive for one week. There's also loads to do there, the reps can organise heaps for you to do.

    We're going to Egypt for our Honeymoon with Kuoni, we're having a 7 night nile cruise then 4 nights in Cairo, can't wait!!! Its more pricey though but we're having a gift fund rather than presents so hopefully the majority will be paid for by our guests! image
  • Fab, cheers guys x
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