Sensatori hotel egypt

hi im just about to book up to go to this hotel on honeymoon next october image im totaly in love with the hotel but was just wondering if anyone else as been or going heer and what yous thought? also any tips on things to do / excursions ect ?


  • I am going here next May for a holiday. The reviews are fab and I know someone who just got back and loved it! I have booked a swim up room for a bit of luxury and apparantly the waiters bring drinks to your swim up room and if you tip they will remember what you are drinking and take it every day for you! image You can go out into the desert and do quad biking, or this looks romantic for your honeymoon...


  • Mummy-LouMummy-Lou Posts: 191
    Ahh we went there for our honeymoon after our wedding in Italy. Def recommend a Cbeach front swim up. The rooms are amazing, food is gorgeous and the whole place is just fab. Our waiter used to come and bring us drinks, crisps etc constantly during the day so we didn't have to leave the swim up. The hotels beach is lush and the sunbirds are nice padded wooden ones so very comfy! Snorkelling off the en of the hotels jetti is fab and the fish are unreal!

    If you are going to book trips then don't voter doing them direct with thomsons as they're a rip off and overcrowded. Sharm life is ran by Zizo king an he will organise everything for you. We booked two trips with him and they were much better than the Thomson ones and much smaller groups (and over half the price).

    There's a facebook group for the hotel, there's loads of pics and tips on there to give you a better idea on what its like x
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    We are going to this hotel for our honeymoon in August too and I noticed you had the same dilemma as us over whether to take your little one!

    Our son is staying with my parents, which to be honest he loves as he gets away with much more and gets spoilt rotten haha! We have gone for the adult only area though as I would get upset if we were in the family area and we are taking our iPads so we can FaceTime him and stuff image
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    I went to this hotel before it was turned into a sensatori, I couldn't fault anything it was amazing then 4 years ago it can only be better now! The food, staff and cleanliness were amazing! You will have a fab time x
  • Miss_XMiss_X Posts: 263
    That's reassuring to hear Lea_B image I can't freaking wait to be honest, although h2b says if I call it a holiday instead of our honeymoon one more time, we aren't going haha!
  • Mummy-LouMummy-Lou Posts: 191
    It's the most amazing place, you'll love it! The staff are amazing, food is top notch and the whole hotel is beautiful. We went and left our 4 year old son in the UK with his nana and grads and he had a fab time, we facetimed him every night though as the wifi is free in reception. Can honestly say I've never relaxed so much in my life! X
  • Miss_XMiss_X Posts: 263
    Thanks Mummy-Lou! I'm so excited image I will rediscover what a proper lie in is haha!
  • purpletulippurpletulip Posts: 679 New bride
    I'd definitely recommend booking a swim up room in the Adult block. We went there on holiday last year, the swim up room really made the holiday-it was the best bit!! Some of the rooms aren't very private & have loads of people walking past all the time. The resort definitely attracts families with young children, if you don't mind that.. fair enough, but if you want a relaxing honeymoon - go for a swim up in the adult block.
  • Miss_XMiss_X Posts: 263
    Phew! We have booked swim up in the adult section. I didn't want to be in the family section as we have chosen to leave our little boy with my Mum so it would have probably upset me if I was in the family section! The swim up, was just an add on the travel agent suggested, but really glad we went with it as we have only heard good things about them image
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