Hi girls,

Well i think we may have FINALLY(!!!) decided on a destination for our honeymoon image (think this has been the most stressful part of the whole wedding planning process!) but now i'm looking for some recommendations for where are the best places to stay, what the different islands can offer us and the best companies to book through.

We would ideally like to do a twin/multi-centre trip starting in Bangkok for 3-4 nights then heading onto one of the islands to stay for a further 7-10 nights! We both get itchy feet so as much as we would like to be located on/near a beach, we don't want to just sit there all day every day!

We would like to do excursions and day trips, so Thailand looks perfect for this as there is plenty of things to do, elephant trekking, snorkelling and boat trips but if anyone has any tips as to the best paces to do these that would be fab!

Thanks in advance image



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    I went to Thailand for 2 months backpacking a few years ago, and we're going back for our honeymoon too!!

    I think 2-3 nights in Bangkok is enough, there's loads to see there, but it's also pretty hectic and mental, so personally I think that gives you enough time

    The Islands are stunning, you can stay in some beautiful places, little beach huts or bungalows, looking right out to sea, last time my favourite place was Koh Phi Phi - I wasn't so keen on Koh Samui - too touristy and felt like we could've been anywhere

    We're planning on going to Khao Sok National Park, have a look on the website, sounds like it's the kind of place you're after image

    We're going to book to stay here I think....

    If you have time Chaing Mai is amazing, last time we spent about a week there and went trekking in the hills, right out in the middle of nowhere, beautiful image we went elephant riding, visited a tiger sanctary, trekked across paddy fields, stayed with hill tribes... I loved it



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    I went in December 2011.  My fave hotel in Bangkok was the Grand Millenium in sukhemvit. go the the cabbages and condoms resutarant in bangkok its amazing, also the skybar on top of the banyan tree hotel. Lumphini park is really nice too.

    We went to phuket and ko lanta which is the island after phi phi. The hotel we stayed at in ko Lanta i cannot recommed enough it was the Layana. theyhave spa, watersports, excursions etc its on the beach and is honestly the best hotel i have been to.

    phuket was nice but i was only there for two days so coulnt tell you much. let me know if you want anymore info. Goodluck

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    We are going to Thailand in April for our honeymoon!

    We are doing 3 nights in Bangkok, 4 nights in Chang Mai, 5 nights in Koh Samui and 5 nights in Koh phangan.

    In Samui we are stopping at the 5* tongsai bay which is away from the hustle and bustle. In phangan we are stopping at Santhiya resort. Both hotels look amazing and perfect for the final part of our honeymoon.

    We booked it through trailfinders and they have been fantastic. They also have brilliant honeymoon offers like free upgrades etc. x
  • CharlD do you mind if I ask how much you're paying? We're planning to do something very similar.
  • CharlDCharlD Posts: 194
    No of course I don't mind! We've paid ??4430, that includes flights, internal flights, B&B in all hotels, speed boat transfers from koh Phangan to Samui. We didn't think that was too bad considering the hotels are amazing! We looked at the Maldives for 2 weeks and that was going to be about 6k!

    You might be able to get it cheaper if you book it all independently but with it being our honeymoon we wanted someone to do it all for us. And we get the piece of mind that if anything goes wrong we are all covered with trailfinders image x
  • Hey all, thanks for all your replies. Has been so helpful and I've had a good look into everywhere you've recommended. I now need my OH to have a bit of input into it as finding it so hard to make any decisions by myself but he's not being very helpful!!!! Typical eh?

    Definitely wanna start in Bangkok and I think spend 3 nights there, then still undecided whether to go on to one or two of the islands....or Chiang Mai is also quite appealing?!

    Really like the look of Krabi and going for a couple of day trips to phi phi. Also like the sound of Koh Samui but maybe the less touristy area and staying at Lamai beach area or similar instead of Chaweng.

    The difficulty I'm finding is everywhere looks so nice!!

    Is trail finders the best company to book with? I've also seen some good prices from Kuoni, Hayes and Jarvis and premier travel who I have a voucher with from a wedding fayre! Lots of decisions to make... X
  • CharlDCharlD Posts: 194
    We booked with trail finders because they were the most competitive and all the staff are well travelled so we trusted them with hotel choices etc!
  • Have had a few quotes through from different travel companies and have been advised to go to Koh Samui in June as it is wet season over on the west coast (Krabi, Phuket) and weather will be the best over on the East coast.

    So I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for boutique style/luxurious resorts in Samui.

    The SALA Samui has come up a few times and I have to say looks lovely, on Choeng Mon beach which is much quieter and away from the hustle and bustle of Chaweng beach but is within walking distance of nice bars, restaurants, shops.

    Has anyone stayed at Rocky's resort as a comparison?

    And in Bangkok been quoted good prices for the Banyan tree, is this in a good central location?

    Thanks in advance image
  • CharlDCharlD Posts: 194

    We are stopping at Tongsai Bay in Samui. It's quite secluded but can easily get a taxi to Chaweng road etc.

    It's got really good reviews! Let me know what u think if u have a look x
  • Rocky's Resort is amazing, but depending on budget, the Six Sense Samui resort is beautiful. The views from the villas are amazing, and you can get a pool villa too.


    If you want something to do in Thailand, have you thought about visiting the Golden Triangle, we liked the Anantara resort. Its an elephant camp so you can get really close to the animals.



  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    We're planning on staying here for a couple of nights before we fly home image


    007bride wrote (see

    If you want something to do in Thailand, have you thought about visiting the Golden Triangle, we liked the Anantara resort. Its an elephant camp so you can get really close to the animals.


    We visited a couple of different elephant sancturies last time, and we trekked on elephants through the hills up past Chaign Mai - it was stunning, we also visited a monastary where they look after baby tigers, fed them and got to stroke a full grown tiger which had been brought up by the monks and was tame, it was incredible

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    I did Koh Samui and really wasn't keen on it, it is very touristy and I personally think there are a lot better places to visit over there. Phi Phi islands are gorgeous but wrong time of the year for you. Koh Lanta is another key place to go shouldn't be too bad in June. If you time it right you can see plenty of wildlife snorkelling. I would defo recommend heading up to Chiang Mai, I was due to stay there for 3 days and 2 weeks later I finally left! Pai has a beach vibe without having a beach but there is so much to see and do up there. I spent 3 months on Koh Tao, not as busy as Koh Samui and cheaper that Koh Phangan. Amazing diving and some stunning hotels. I would stay at Phangan over Samui, the other side of the island to where the full moon party is has some great accomodation.

    2-3 nights in Bangkok will be long enough, loads to do but it is very busy and constantly on the go. Have you thought about stopping at somewhere like Hua Hin on the way down to the islands? Or are you planning on flying down to Koh Samui?

  • Well girls, we've only gone ahead and booked our honeymoon!!!!! OMG!! 3 nights in Bangkok and 10 nights on Koh Samui! I actually cannot wait! Thanks for all your help..... Now just need to get researching tours/day trips to do! X
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    Miss Wiggles, which hotels did you book in the end?x
  • We are staying at The Chatrium Hotel Riverside in Bangkok for 3 nights which is in a riverside location and then 10 nights at The Bo Phut Resort & Spa which is a smaller boutique hotel on Bo Phut beach.... They both look amazing image Eek, cannot wait, am so excited!!

    Are you thinking of going to Thailand for your honeymoon Sparkles?
  • The Banyan Tree in Bangkok is amazing, the roof top restaurant looks out over the whole city.


    The Anantara resort in the golden triangle would be perfect if you want things to do, if you're going for two weeks you could visit three areas of thailand.


    The Banyan Tree Phuket is an amazing hotel, you can stay in a spa villa or have a private pool. The Banyan Tree Phuket , is part of Laguna Phuker an area of five or six hotels where you can use all the different facilities at the other hotels.

    You can also visit the island off of Phang Nga Bay which was used in the james Bond Man with the Golden Gun or visit Maya Beach which was used in the Leondardo Dicaprio film the Beach.


    The comapny we booked our honeymoon with were so helpful, we looked at a Thailand intineary. Tell them what you want and they will tailor-make a honeymoon for you.


  • Heliganeden:

    ....the monastery where they raise tiger cubs sounds fantastic...what is it called? Is there a website? It sounds brilliant...would love to go! X
  • SparklesSparkles Posts: 377
    Mrs Wiggles - yes we are, Bophut resort is one were looking at!

    H2b hates committing to anything, so were going round in circles at the minute. Had a quote today from Turqoise holidays, hilarious!

    3 nights Singapore, 12nights Thailand,3 nights Dubai =??11996????

    That's more than our wedding!!
  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848
    MrsTS2014 wrote (see)

    ....the monastery where they raise tiger cubs sounds fantastic...what is it called? Is there a website? It sounds brilliant...would love to go! X

    Sorry I have no idea, we booked it with a tour operator while we were there, I can't even rightly remember where it was, we travelled around so much!!

    We've just confirmed we're staying in Railay beach, Krabi for 5 nights at the end of our honeymoon, can't wait!!

  • Heliganeden - Railay Beach in Krabi is amazing! It's so beautiful, you'll love it! Take some walking shoes with you because if the weather is ok, there's a cliff (I guess you could call it that) that you can climb and when you get to the top there's a secret lake thing and you can see out over the island. I'm so jealous, I want to go back! image

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848
    Sparkles wrote (see)
    Mrs Wiggles - yes we are, Bophut resort is one were looking at!

    H2b hates committing to anything, so were going round in circles at the minute. Had a quote today from Turqoise holidays, hilarious!
    3 nights Singapore, 12nights Thailand,3 nights Dubai =??11996????

    That's more than our wedding!!

    Good grief! That's mental, I swear they push the price up if you mention it's a honeymoon, same as they do for weddings.

    If you're going Thailand/Dubai that's a nomal stop off anyway, we're changing in Dubai but not staying there so that bit shouldn't cost you anymore on flights than a flight just to Thailand

    We're booking all ours seperatley, 21 nights in Thailand, Bangkok, Chiagn Mai, Koh Sok National Park, Railay Beach (Krabi) then back to Bangkok.

    Our flights have cost us £1,158 and our accommodation is about £750, plus internal flights/trains approx £250 image So around £2k total plus spending money

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    The banyan tree in Bangkok and Koh Samui are beautiful. Both have spectacular views and are really romantic.


    If you visit Chang Mai the Anantara Hotel is ome to an Elephant sanctuary so you can see the animals up close too.


  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    We're going to the Banyan Tree on the last night for a meal! I wasn't keen on Koh Samui last time so we're not going there, heading to Krabi/Railay instead

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    Hi everyone

    Just came across this post and thought I would share my honeymoon with you.  We are going Feb 2014 and staying in Bangkok 3 nights, 5 night in Chiang Mai and 7 nights in Koh Samui.  I am staying at Tongsai Bay in Koh Samui (Noticed someone else on here is to!!) I am in the process of booking tour guides, I really cant wait to go!

  • 007bride007bride Posts: 39

    Banner85 who did you book with?


  • Banner85Banner85 Posts: 25
    We have booked the holiday through kuoni. They have been great!
  • 007bride007bride Posts: 39

    Our honeymoon was through Kuoni but via  ... They were so helpful and gave quite a good discount I believe.


    The Tongsai Bay looks wonderful, you can always guarantee a beautiful holiday and hotel with Kuoni

  • Banner85Banner85 Posts: 25
    Sounds like you know your stuff about Thailand!! image it's our first time. We booked via another company. OH got 11% off through work, forgot the name. We still deal with kuoni though. Tongsai does look lovely. We looked at six senses but for what we wanted to pay we didn't get a sea view and that's what I really wanted! Can't wait fur Chiang Mai, we have lots planned there!!!
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