Any one been to Thailand in June

We were originally going to delay our honeymoon until next winter in order to hit the best weather in Thailand but I think It'd be nicer to honeymoon right away if we can manage it.

June seems like a bit of a duff month for long haul holidays! Everywhere seems to be just hitting monsoon/ hurricane season and whilst we are not sun worshipers I don't want to spend every day getting soggy.

People have suggested the Caribbean as the weather isn't too bad early on in the season so I thought I'd have a look at rain levels. From what I can see there is more rain on average in Barbados in June than say Koh Samui or Hua Hin in Thailand. We've vistied the Caribbean/ Florida region a couple of times before and would like something different for our honeymoon hence the Thailand idea so basically the point of this rather long winded post is has anyone been to Thailand in June and how did they find it?

Thanks! xxx


  • MegsMegs Posts: 547

    I was out there from December to May and had no problems what so ever. It got hotter in April and May which I think puts some people off but I love the heat image The rain only really comes at night and its nice as it clears the air. Where abouts are you looking at going? xx

  • gemkatgemkat Posts: 264

    I went to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in July 2011, I was there for the whole month travelling round and the weather was fine, not too hot or humid and the weather was mostly sunny, on days when there was rain it was usually in the late afternoon and the evening. I remember sitting on the veranda of a hostel in Cambodia one day watching the clouds roll in and monsoon rain and thunder, blue sky to thunder storm in the space of about 10 minutes was amazing!  image

    I wouldn't let it put you off travelling, everywhere will be cheaper as its low season and when it does rain just find a bar and have a cocktail image  x

  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626

    This is the kind of feedback I was hoping for! A little bit of rain on and off doesn't bother me, just don't want to be completely drenched constantly every minute of every day. We're not exactly sure on where yet, hoping to travel around a little bit. The quality of hotel we can afford by going in June is amazing though 

  • MrsC2014MrsC2014 Posts: 822

    Like anywhere it is hit and miss - most travel sites will say don't go far east in June as you could be rained out for a week. East coast Malaysia is a great time to go in June as it's one of the few places not in rainy season - worth investigating Redang and Perhentian islands. But like the others said, you could get no rain in June in other places too..I went to the Maldives in the peak rainy season and didn't see rain once. If you have you're heart set on somewhere and you're honeymoon doesn't depend on sitting on a beach all day then go for it as they are still amazing places, rain or no rain! image

    Also, Safari in June could be great as its the migration period on the Masi Mara = lots of animals! Just don't go too far south as could get a bit chilly x


  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626

    We considered Malaysia but he has relatives in the country and even though we'd be miles away from them it would be impossible for us to visit the country without visiting his relatives which isn't ideal on Honeymoon!

    I liked the idea of a Safari but H2B is a bit of a hotel snob and seems to think he'll be roughing it on Safari which he doesn't want for honeymoon.

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    We're going to Thailand this June for our honeymoon image I went in September a few years ago and it was quite rainy then, but June is warmer and tbh it's such a stunning country it was amazing anyway, even with a bit of rain!

    Don't just stay on Koh Samui, the smaller islands are so much prettier, and if you have time, Chiagn Mai and further to the north is stunning.

    We're going for 3 weeks, our general plan so far it a couple of nights in Bangkok, overnight train to Chiagn Mai for 5 nights, doing a trek into the hills and staying with hill tribes for 2 nights. Then flying back down south, probably via Phuket to Koh Sok national park for 4 nights, and the remaining time on the Islands, Koh Tao or Koh Phi Phi, not entirely decided which way we'll head yet - can't wait!!

  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626

    Oh we may be there at the same time then! I think we are going to spend a couple of days in Bangkok as we'd fly in to there. We may not stay in Koh Samui at all, it's just the better known place in the area I've read is drier!

    It's so hard choosing where to stay though as it's such a big country and it sounds as though there are so many different experiences!

  • MegsMegs Posts: 547

    Heliganeden - One tip I will give you is take warm clothes for staying with hill tribes. I did a trek for 2 nights and although it is warm during the day it gets soo cold on a night. I slept in every item of clothing I had one night as they don't have proper rooms for you its quite open. Also I would recommend Koh Tao - I spent 3 months there as I got hooked on the place! Cheap diving there too.

    Chiang Mai is absolutely amazing, visit Pai if you can aswell. You can get an overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to save some time. I wasn't fussed on Phuket so never ended up spending any time there. Phi Phi islands are beautiful, expensive to stay on them though. I based myself in Ao Nang and had a boat trip around the Phi Phi Islands. Railay and Koh Lanta are great places to visit also. Koh Samui is very commercialised so will be a lot of decent hotels for honeymoon but you won't get a feel of Thailand. Koh Tao and Koh Phangan have some great places to stay if you want something a little bit more luxurious. If you wanted to stay around Bangkok then Hua Hin, Cha Am, Pattaya and Ko Chang are all nice places to visit.

  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626

    Ooh, so much lovely advice. I can't wait to show this to H2B tonight, it's making me so excited!

  • MegsMegs Posts: 547

    If you need any more information feel free to drop me a message. I absolutely love Thailand so will quite happily discuss the place over and over again!

  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626

    Thanks Megs!

  • I need help! My fiancé and I are planning to go to Thailand after our wedding mid June for a two week trip and are worried about the rain. We would like to do some adventurous things along with just sitting at a beach doing nothing. There are so many islands and places to see that I'm confused as to what are the best and most time efficient places to visit. Any advice would help!!!! Thank you

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