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We're looking at the Maldives for our honeymoon in July this year and lots of the girls on this forum seem to be considering the Maldives too! We've looked at Kuoni but they only seem to fly with Emirates/Etihad, stopping over in Dubai. We'd like to fly to direct to Male  if possible - does anyone know which comapnies fly direct/which days of the week?


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    British Airways - three times a week - days unknown

    Monarch (but only part of a Monarch package) - days unknown

    Thomson - day of the week varies (once a week)

    Another alternative but going indirect is via Sri Lanka. Or you could have a couple of nights in Dubai with Emirates flights you've been offered - Dubai lovely.

  • Thanks! On further investigation of the Kuoni site, we found an option to change airline and saw the BA Gatwick to Male direct flights. Now just to make our minds up and book it!

  • Have been to Maldives a number of times (H2B pooped the Q there on our last trip Nov '12). I have to say the break (usually only an hour and taken up with transfer between planes) makes the whole trip seem shorter. It's quite a drag in one go. If you don't manage to get a thro' flight don't fret. Furthermore the middle eastern fleet tend to be pretty well equipped and spacious.
  • We have been to the Maldives many times. We go in January when the Wedding season is quiet!

    We used to fly with Monarch but the planes were awful, cramped and crap films etc.

    Then BA set up and there were more flights per week to choose from.

    When we first started going the airhostesses used to stay  on Sun Island for a week as there was only one flight a week and they couldn,t fly there and back in a 48 time frame!!

    We now ALWAYS fly Emirates gatwick Dubai 6 hrs, i hour to swop planes and grab a Big Mac, stretch our legs and check emails. Emirates Dubai Male 3.5 hrs. Which is no longer than flying direct!!!!!

    Enirates is good food, free drinks, luxury seats, lots of legroom and choice of 120 films.

    Why oh why did we used to fly Monarch!

    You will have a fantastic honeymoon.

    Our favourite Island is Vilemendoo

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    Thomson Airways fly direct from gatwick. The planes they use for longhaul have more legroom in economy than virgin & BA & you can upgrade to premium for about ??200 which is even more legroom & really nice! Once I get on a plane I just want to get my destination, unless its Australia where that's totally impossible!
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