Dubai in early September - too hot?

Hi everyone,

Currently honeymoon planning and want a week in the Maldives paired with 3 days of something a bit different. Two suggestions so far - Sri Lanka which would be at the beginning or Dubai which would be at the end.

H2B preference is Dubai, and I too would love to go there but the question is - will it be unbearable to do the cultural side of Dubai in the first week of september? We would probably be done with beaches by then but the water park would be of interest as well as general site seeing. I know that anywhere inside is air conditioned but i dont want to spend 3 days in shopping malls.

Alternatively - any other suggestions for somewhere to go after our week on the beach?


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    We did a trip in 2011 which was Sri Lanka, Maldives then Dubai.

    I would definitely recommend Dubai over Sri Lanka. 

    Not entirely sure about weather (we were there in Nov not Sept) but I think as long as you avoided 12-3 in the glare of the sun (i.e. have a long lunch!) you could still do the waterparks etc. Site seeing such as the souks and the tallest building and fountains etc. would all be non-heat related anyway. 

    Other places you could twin with would be Bangkok or Singapore. I would still probably recommend Dubai but then we really loved it there despite reservations before we booked! 

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    I don't have any recommendations as I haven't been to two destinations at once, however I have heard Dubai is lovely. We looked at going early September also. I just had to comment that the Maldives is AMAZING! We have been twice and it is stunning. I'd go back in a heartbeat. What island are you going to?
  • Booked! 7 nights in Maldives on kuramathi followed by 3 in Dubai at hotel where they did judges houses last yr on xfactor (found that out after we booked!)
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    SO envious! We went to kuramathi in 2011 and it is amazing!!! We considered it for our honeymoon but wanted to go somewhere we hadn't been before for our honeymoon! Our colleagues are going to kuramathi in April on our recommendation. Have an awesome time image can't wait to hear about it when you're back!! x
  • Please please please follow my advice!

    There is no where more special for a honeymoon than a Maldivian Island.

    If you spend three days somewhere else and then fly on to your "real" honeymoon you will bitterly regret it!!!!

    If you leave your "real" honeymoon to fly somewhere else for three days you will bitterley regret it!

    If you like blue skys, white powder beaches, crystal clear water, great seafood, steaks and curry, cocktails, peace and quiet, snorkling, diving, you won't want to have wasted three days of your honeymoon else where!

    We have travelled extensively but go to the Maldives every January!!!

    No where has ever come close to it!

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