Hi ladies, We get married next may and will be off on honeymoon on 1st June. We are struggling to find somewhere exotic that isn't in rainy season and in our 4k budget. Can anyone recommend anywhere? H2B wants to go outside of Europe and we like to do exploring as well as lazing about on the beach. If anyone has been anywhere and would recommend it please could you let me know? image


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    How about Bermuda? It's such a beautiful place and although you may get odd bit of rain weather should still be lovely and not too hot. I went in  August back in 2007 and the weather was lovely and it only rained once in the evening for about an hour!

    Hope this helps xxx

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    Hi nicnoc,

    Thank you for your reply, I hadn't thought about Bermuda. I'll definitely look into it thank you!image
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    Have a look at Borneo!

    We went in 2009 and paired it with HK - it is beautiful - lots of exploring to be done (including Orangutans and mountsins if that's your thing and amazing diving) but the hotels are amazing and relatively cheap as it is not too popular yet. 

    We did 2 weeks and stayed at the Magellan Sutera (full board) and the time in HK for less than £2k each. 

  • Hello, I couldn't recommend Vietnam enough!!! We went in June 2 yrs ago and spent about ??4k. We went for 3 weeks, packed in loads of exploring as well as a week at the beach (fabulous hotel) in hoi an........ and 3 days in KL on the way home (the shopping in KL is fantAstic!) We've been all over Asia and Vietnam is our favourite destination in the part of the world!!

    Good luck!

  • We went to Bali in June 2011 and the weather was lovely. The island is beautiful with lots of culture and countryside to explore. We stayed in a place called Sanur in the Bali Hyatt hotel (which was great image) which has a lovely beach and the price for both of us was within your 4k budget. We would love to go back! 

  • we are looking at mexico- can do as much or little exploring as you like! 

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    Thanks for your help everyone!

    Sadsack, does Borneo have good beaches too?

    Langsidegirl and twiddly sticks ill check out Bali and Vietnam too, it's so exciting!

    Thanks mrsmacmanus, we want to do something a little more 'out there' but let me know if you find anything exciting in Mexico! Do you know what the weather is like there in June?

    Thanks again ladies Xx
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