Wah! Booked my honeymoon! NYC tips?

I am soooo excited, I have booked our honeymoon today! Neither of us have travelled very far (we live in England) and so we have decided to go all out! We are then going to fly to NYC for 5 nights over New Year, from there we are going to fly to Barbados for 7 nights (staying at Fairmont Pavillion) and then on to S Lucia for 7 nighTs (staying at SugarBeach). Finally we will have 2 nights in London and then home! A megamoon! i would love any suggestions for a romantic and memorable New Years Eve in NYC for newly-weds - was thinking of maybe a river cruise? We are staying a the New York Palace hotel (mainly because it is Chucks hotel in Gossip Girl which I am obsessed with!). i have also never been to Caribbean - any romantic ideas for dining out in Barbados would be appreciated too! Many thanks! PI x


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    Ahh your megamoon sounds amazing! We are doing NYC as part of ours too (Vegas and Hawaii first though!) although it will be in the summer.

    I have been to Barbados and it is amazing, it will depend where you are staying but there are so many places to go - try and find somewhere on the beach image

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    Definitely go on the river cruise you'll see far much more of the city layout and get great views of the statue on liberty. If you're going in winter then ice skating in Central Park is surely a romantic must. Eat cheese cake & find a little caf?? in Little Italy for some amazing pasta! I went in May & did all of that minus the ice skating! Enjoy!
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    Wow your honeymoon sounds awesome!

    We are doing New York and Las Vegas too, we have both always wanted to go so I'll be keeping an eye on this for any tips!

    Also it will be November so I hope that the Ice Rink is open!!! x

  • Thanks girls - all your plans sound brilliant too!

    Ice skating is certainly on my list - I think you should be fine in Nov KDW.
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    Have a look at the New York Pass - we got it when we went a few years ago and would've been lost without it. You have a few to choose from, I think there's 3 day, 5 day or 7 day or something like that. You can get it online and collect it from Planet Hollywood in Times Square. It gives you free entry to most of the attractions, Empire State Building, Skyride, museums, literally, most of the things in NYC! Even the ferry to the statue of Liberty.

    It also gets you discounts at loads of restaurants and ice skating as well as discounts in Macy's and Bloomingdales.

    It really did give us the chance to see a lot of attractions that we wouldn't have bothered with if we'd had to pay entry for each one. We  went up the Empire state building in the day and the night, definitely worth doing since you'll have a free pass!


    Also, familiarise yourself with the subway before you try to use it - it was stressful and caused a bit of a barmy between the two of us.

    Prepare to spend a fortune on tipping and tax - nothing in the shops and restaurants actually costs what it says on the price tag! V.frustrating, and a lot of the tips were automatically added, often up to around 18%

    Wrap up warm! We went in December a few years ago - honestly never been so cold in my life!

  • Fantastic! Thanks for the tips, so useful for a really inexperienced traveller. The NY Pass sounds great.

    I am going to have to pack for both cold and hot and I am not gifted when it comes to 'packing light'! Oh well, extra luggage allowance it may have to be!
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    Im sure your travel agent has advised you, but dont forget to complete an ESTA visa application online before you go!

  • Oh yes, they did tell me that - thanks for reminding me!
  • Visit the revolving restaurant called The View at the Marriot Hotel, Times Square in the evening.

    Fantastic 360 views of the Manhatton skyline. It takes an hour for the resaurant to go all the way round. Just time to share a bottle of wine!

    The buffet is about $20 so not too expensive.

    Barbados, must do is swim with the turtles at Turtle Beach, have afternoon tea at the Sandy Lane Hotel!!

    Have a wonderful time.

  • Thanks Alison - The View sounds amazing!

    I definitely want to pop into the Sandy Lane whilst I am in Barbados, such a legendary place image
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    Go to the Cliff in Barbados


    You'll need to book though. 

    Also if you want to go up the Statue of Liberty (well part way up as after 9/11 you can't go all the way up) book online in advance for that too. 

    We loved walking across Brooklyn Bridge. A strange highlight but definitely worth doing by foot. 

    We also enjoyed seeing a basketball game at Maddison Square Gardens.

    I think a cruise for NYE def gives you the best view of the fireworks over NY.

  • Thanks SadSack - I have heard great things about The Cliff so will definitely have to book in there one night.

    So many people have listed a walk along Brooklyn Bridge as one of their NYC highlights! I must do that!
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    It's weird that I say it was a highlight because I basically had to be dragged to walk along the bridge by my friends! I felt it would just be a bridge and if we wanted to go to Brooklyn we could do that by metro. But so glad they persuaded me too. 

    But it is just such a nice bridge! I preferred it to the Golden Gate Bridge! 

    What are you planning on doing in London? 

  • To be honest, I have been so busy focussing on NYC and the Caribbean legs so much that I haven't really thought about what we will do in London or where to stay etc!
  • We are off too nyc for 5 nights for our honeymoon then onto the bahamas so stealing tips also. Had already been told about around the world yachts for a river cruise and dinner.

    We went to st Lucia a few years back and it was beautiful defo recommend the mud and spring baths at the volcano just dont wear a light bikini. On more exciting news we are off to Vegas in a few days for all that are honeymooning there.... I love the place!!
  • Will deffo be doing the mud baths MrsK!

    Ooh enjoy Vegas, never been but heard it is fab!
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