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:( this is stressing me out so much

Hello sweeties

Out of all the wedding the word 'Honeymoon' is stressing me out more than anyting else! 

We get married 23rd March 14 and i would like to 25th/26th ..... yeh right thats about all i know! 

I wanted go Disneyworld and h2b said very like concerned look we dont have the money to do that yet, were looking at somewhere its going to cost at most 600 each! So that takes away your far away places. 

I'm so torn between staying in this country in just going somewhere on a plane for sake of it! Im so upset i just cant decide what i want to do i really cant!

I need some good kick up the bum advice! I have no idea where to go thats going to be warm about 4hrs away! image 

anyone fancy helping me come up with some ideas p l e a s e


  • LeoBrideLeoBride Posts: 33


    Hello! So sorry to hear that you don't think you'll be able to go to Disneyworld but there's lots of nice places within 4 hours flight. What about North Africa - Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt or Cyprus, Madeira, Tenerife, Malta? image Hope you manage to find something you like!

  • Purple rainPurple rain Posts: 926

    i get married 24th and we want to fly out 26th school hols we have two kids. greece and cyrpus is 5k and not sure about takings kids to egypt ir turkey. canaries/ spain expensive for what it is. we looking at 5* ai or 4 at a push.caused a row tonight 

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    If you want somewhere warm then north Africa or the canaries would be your best bet, although you can't guarantee good weather in the canaries, Cyprus or Malta at that time of year. Would you consider leaving it closer to the time to get a better deal? £600 could go a long way if you were prepared to wait for sales and last minute offers x

  • TeachersPetTeachersPet Posts: 1,009

    A few years ago we booked a private villa it was £500 for the week it slept 6 ppl but we just went the two of us. We hired a car and did all the shopping in the supermarket which was a few miles away but other than that the total soladarity (excuse spelling) was amazing! We found it on which I think has now changed to Not sure what you are after but that could be an option? And you will certainly get your money's worth and can make it the honeymoon you want!!!

  • gina ggina g Posts: 397

    I think if you shop around you might even find you can go to disney, maybe look at booking flights and accomodation seperate, as you can find cheap accomodation in Florida, ok perhaps not luxury accomodation, but it might mean you can still go to the destination of your choice image Good luck

  • Tigso1987Tigso1987 Posts: 647

    I really wanted to go to disney world too but lack of funds image we're off to Tenerife in the Canaries which is about four hours away and it's nice all year round pretty much and is affordable and enjoyable

  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939

    You're not likely to get many late deals if it's for the school holidays!  The only time you get a late deal is if you don't care where you go and are flexible on dates.  Don't risk it!!

    Cape Verde looks lovely, could try there.  Either with Cape Verde Experience or Thomson.  Morocco should also be nice temperature that time of year, either Agadir or Marrackech.  I think Tunisia is a little cooler than Morocco so double check average temperatures first.  I would disagree with other comments about Canaries, I've been 5 times all year around and always had good weather, it should be a good mid twenties around then.  Egypt would definitely be worth looking into as well and would be much hotter.

    The other thing to consider is that when you're going is the change of holiday season.  Winter season is November to March and Summer season is April to October.  If you held out to 1st April you would get much more choice on destinations, e.g. Turkey would be warm at that time of year but barely any flights in winter.


  • Mrs M xMrs M x Posts: 259

    I know it sounds a bit daft, but try looking somewhere further afield/more exotic, because most of the short haul/europe type places hike the prices up during the school holidays. We were in the same boat. We get married next weekend, and have the following week pencilled in for honeymoon. We have a 5 year old daughter, so were looking at Europe for the relatively short flights, but the prices were ridiculous for what you get (£2k+ for somewhere decent), the travel agent asked us if we'd consider going further afield because it was better value. We have ended up booking to go to Dubai for 5 nights on half board basis for literally only a hundred pounds more than our budget. The flight is classed as mid haul apparently (approx 6.5 hours) 

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