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Just Cant Decide????


Im in a bit of a prediciment so im hoping for some help please image

i am getting married on 3rd October 2014. I have 2 small children under 5.

I dont know whether to

*leave the kids with relatives and go on a weeks honeymoon to somewhere like Cyprus (which apprently has tempremental weather in October)

*have a family holiday to Canary islands or

*go on a mini moon to Italy for a long weekend without the kids and then have a family holiday the following year.

I will leave the following weekend after the wedding as it is also my birthday on the friday.

I feel like if i leave the kids then i will wonder quite alot about how they are or if they miss me, but if they come with then its not like its a honeymoon?

October time is a hrad month to go anywhere as things are winding down for winter and the weather isnt always good.

Any advice??



  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    We normally go to Egypt in November and temperature is late 20s- low 30s.


    me personably would go on a honey moon just the two of us! But I don't have children at the moment so my feeling may be different f I did!xx

  • J H-OJ H-O Posts: 148

    Out of the 3 I think I'd go for the mini-moon. You definitely deserve some time together to enjoy being newly weds but it sounds like you'd miss your kids too much to really enjoy Cyprus! 

    How about Venice? It's the most amazing city a long weekend & the home of romance!

    Have a great time whatever you decide xx

  • JJ2013JJ2013 Posts: 628

    I'd go for the mini moon and a family holiday option if it were me x

  • Purple rainPurple rain Posts: 926

    we are taking our kids with us. probably to turkey as its the first two weeks in june. greece and cyprus quite expensive. although thinking of a mini moon then go to  canaries in oct as a family

  • I'd go for mini-moon and family holiday I think - best of both worlds.

    Although if there is anyway you can do a proper honeymoon and afford a family holiday next year then I would do that.  Your honeymoon will be one of the few times that relatives will offer to have the children for an extended period of time, also your honeymoon will be one of the few times you and your husband will get to be alone for such a long period of time.

    I definitely wouldn't do a familiy honeymoon as I think you and your new husband will have so much to talk about it will be really nice to spend some time just the two of you.

  • little_l_83little_l_83 Posts: 211

    I'd go all out and have a hol, just the two of you, it's probably the only time you can legitimately do it with little children! image

    You could always do a british family holiday next year to allow the budget for a bigger honeymoon in Oct?

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