Hi, my partner and I are getting married next sept 26th 2014, and we are looking at booking our honeymoon in the next 4-6 weeks, 

we would like to go somewhere that has a nice beach to laze around on in the day and somewhere  we have the option to walk around a few nice bars etc in the evening, but still want the luxury of a nice hotel.

we started off looking at ... St Lucia, Antigua,Maldives but was unsure if there was night life there? 

We then found a really nice hotel that offers everything were looking for even a night club on site, in Dominican Republic. But we've been dominican before and I like the idea of going somewhere new. 

Then we were suggested Mexico, now please anyone that has been Mexico or is going take offence, but a whenever I think of there I thinas of it as just a holiday destination only because nearly all of my friends have been, although I contradict myself and it looks gorgeous and has amazing hotels.

ive really got myself in a pickle over this, it's ment to be enjoyable but it's not, I know I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to find the perfect place, but I've got two young children (2.5years and 8months) and there staying with grandparents so I really want to get the honeymoon right as we may not get this chance again to go alone, as we do family holidays now.

 sorry I've gone on a bit if anyone has any recommendations they would be greatly recieved


  • JJ2013JJ2013 Posts: 628

    I think the Maldives is just resort hotels, so you'd be in the same hotel rather than walking to a local harbour/beach to eat out.

    Are you going straight after your wedding? Normally I would say that Barbados or a twin centre of Miami and Key West would be good but not in hurricane season- for this reason I wouldn't advise Mexico as a destination. Have you looked at Bali or Thailand? Sri Lanka is stunning too, or Mauritius?

    I think a big factor is do you want a luxury all inclusive hotel which you stay in the whole time, or a resort where you stay B&B and go out in the eve?

  • Hi jj2013 , yes we're planning on going a few days after the wedding, so end sept/start oct

    So that's hurricane season for Mexico?

    i really am open to where we go, we would like to stay all iinclusive, but would also like to be able to walk out the resort and have a look around sat shops or pop into a beach front bar/cafe 

    i have been the travel agents and they just loaded me up with lots of brochures and said come back whewhere've had a look, but that's no helpful lol

  • Angie jAngie j Posts: 448

    What about Turkey?  Still be nice weather, although bit chilly in evenings. Lovely beaches there, lots to see & do. Just need to find a nice Hotel, shouldnt be too difficult as there are lots of A.I there. No hurricanes there either!

  • MrsKGMrsKG Posts: 403

    Do you want to go long haul? There are some really lovely places in Italy, Corsica and the Canary Islands. 

  • Hi Sarah,

    We went to the maldives for our honeymoon and it was really relaxing, but had a good night life on the island (nothing too crazy) where we met some other nice couples.

    We stayed at kuramathi island and we just loved it. The pictures almost do it justice.


    Hope this helps image


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    Hi, we are going this Sept (fly on the 16th) to Dubai for 4 nights then Mauritius for 10days. I looked at Maldives to start with and thought I might get bored - relaxing all of the time is not my thing, but we wanted indian ocean and Mauritus seemed ideal for us, a lot of the hotels include watersports with their all inclusive deals. On the north/west side of the island there is the main port louis with shops bars etc and we are also hiring scooters through the hotel to explore the island for the day.

    Lol - I sound like some sort of sales person but I can only speak for where we are going and Im really excited, it took us so long to decide as well I have a brouchure to cover every place on the planet!

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    I've been to Mexico, and I would not class Cancun as a honeymoon destination, I was pretty disappointed with it as a resort tbh, although we did some lovely day trips Cancun itself is nothing special - wish we'd stayed on the Riviera Maya which is apparently much nicer and more honeymoon-ish image

    I'd suggest Thailand but Sep/Oct time you'll be heading to Monsoon season - it'd still be warm though, might be worth looking into?


  • Thanks everyone, I think I'm drawn to st Lucia,Antigua and Maldives the most, although i wasn't sure if there was any nightlife other than the resort (hotel) would love to just be able to just go for a nice little walk along the beach or pop into a few nice bars or a cafe 


    thank you everyone for your comments they have helped me and given us ideas, cross fingers we are going to get it booked within the next 2 weeks image eeeeek excited x x

  • Oh my god your so orgainsed I get married 14 weeks to day and haven't a clue what we're doin for our honeymoon 1. because it's december, so trying to decide wheres hot then and 2. my h2b work won't let you book holiday more than 4 months in advance NIGHTMARE

    There are some very good sugesstions have been contimplating the maldvies as well


  • Have you considered Cuba? Havana is an amazing place, to soak up the atmosphere and won't be like it is after Castro dies, the beaches are lovely there as well.


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