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Hi we're looking for somewhere lovely for a few days break straight after our wedding on 19 April next year. We will be going on honeymoon later when my fiancé has leave.

He isn't one for sitting reading so we would like somewhere with things to do or a nice city with plenty to look around. So far we've thought about York or Edinburgh as possibles or even the Lake District. 

Has anyone got any suggestions of hotels or locations that would suit? Daft as it sounds, we have a list as long as our arms of places aboad we'd like to visit but little clue as to where is nice in the UK. Typing 'honeymoon UK' into Google is like searching through the haystack for the needle so we'd be grateful for some real life suggestions!


  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    Have you considered Wales? Snowdonia area is lovely with lots of nice walks ... If you like a bit more adventure they now have a very long zip wire fly thing you can do. when we went we did underground abseiling in a disused slate mine. It was a brilliant day and not as scary as it sounds as long as youre not afraid of heights! Lots of nice pubs and cute b&bs.

    York is beautiful and altho we enjoyed our weekend there we found there wasn't masses to do and spent most of our time shopping, which worked out well as we went not long before Xmas but not so good for April!

    The winner for me would have to be the Lake District, it is by far my favourite place in the UK. So beautiful and lots of amazing little villages! For the life of me I can't remember the name of the hotel we stayed in but there are lots of good deals out there. Our hotel had a pool and spa attached and the deal included a spa treatment. It was near Windermere right near a little river.

    i love breaks in the UK and it will be good to read other people's suggestions! Happy mini moon hunting!

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    Cheers Banari! That's my worry about York, that we might end up doing it in one day and if possible I'd like to avoid driving around too much. The bonus with the Lakes is we could take the bikes and all the water activities too. He'll happily go somewhere he thinks I want to visit but I don't want him to feel bored. 

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    I absolutely love York and there is quite a lot to do there, but it's mainly museums and shopping!

    We went to Llangollen in Wales after our wedding in April. We stayed at the Cornerstones B&B in the Red Lion River View room (just have a little look at the bathroom, it was amazing!). We went for 3 days and had plenty to do - there's an old steam railway there and we had a fab day out on the train, stopped off at a little pub for lunch then had a lazy walk along the river. We also spent a day on the canal and did a boat trip over an aquaduct (with lots of wine to celebrate image). There's loads of nice restaurants and pubs, and plenty to do within a short drive from the town centre. If you like cycling then it'd be a great place to go. You can go canoeing, white water rafting... there's so so much to do.

    Hope that helps! x

  • The New Forest is lovely too... lots of lovely little villages, beautiful scenery, coastline and outdoorsy-type things to do, and great pubs and places to eat. It's been our UK minibreak location of choice for the last few years! There are some nice hotels down there as well:

    Hope that helps a bit!




  • We went to Cornwall on our Mini-Moon - stayed at The Headland Hotel in Newquay and spent the week doing things like the Cider Farm (great tasting session at the end), Eden Project, Lands End, Tintagel, Fish and Chips on the beach (to make up for the all the dieting pre-wedding), long walks and then using the spa etc to wind down. Loads of places to see down there withing driving distance of each other... xx

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    These are great ideas guys, thanks very much.

    We've always said we'd like to go surfing so Cornwall or Devon could be bob in  actually and I know parts of Wales are good for it too. 

  • We're spending 2 nights at Swinton Park near Ripon (same time actually) which has quite a bit to do on the estate and only less than an hour's drive from York (closer to Harrogate). We went for a night to celebrate our engagement and it is beautiful. Food is amazing - I think they should have a Michelin star! X

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    We've just got back from Cornwall! We stated near Bude in the Wooldown cottages! The cottage we stayed in was amazing and perfect location for lots of nearby beaches! It was the perfect mixture of relaxation with plenty to do! We went on day trips to Padstow and Newquay! 

    would highly recommend image xxx

  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    Again, thanks I'll be having a look at all of these on the net. 

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    Also a lover of Cardiff!  Sooooo much to do!  Lots of shopping, bars, restaurants.  You can go to the city centre, have a meal in Cardiff Bay (waterside development), see if anything is on at one of the many theatres/arenas etc.  You can go white water rafting , or outdoor pursuits or go to one of the local beaches for a mooch around e.g. Penarth or Barry.  There's loads of places to stay as well. 

    We went at Easter and did a few days in Cardiff, then we went on to the Celtic Manor in Newport which is about 30-45 mins away.  We stayed in the 5* section.  It's so different to anywhere I've ever been in the UK, it's like a huge resort with various accommodation, 3 golf course, various bars/restaurants/activities.  The website isn't the clearest so you'll need to trawl through the different sections but I would really recommend it.  It's famous for hosting the Ryder Cup if you stayed there you're also fairly close to Chepstow races, and probably about half hour from Bristol too. 

    We booked through Secret Escapes when they had a deal on.  It was about the same cost as booking direct but came with lots of upgrades and dinner included.  Probably worth a nosey on there for other inspiration and the following link should give you £15 off your first booking I think

    Also, there's a chain of hotels I'd not come across until this year, called MacDonald Hotels.  We've stayed in two of their hotels this summer, one night at Botley Park in Southampton, and two nights in Ansty Hall near Coventry.  I can honestly say we experienced some of the best service we've ever had in a hotel.  Not sure if those two would meet your OH's needs for activities, but it'd be worth having a nosey through their website and see if any of the others do. 

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    Oh, I've driven past the Celtic Manor - it looked gorgeous!

  • *nikki**nikki* Posts: 193

    Tenby, beautiful place, some of the top beaches and the option to explore Pembrokeshire & Carmarthenshire too!

  • LivelifeloveLivelifelove Posts: 1,024 New bride

    I would love to go to the Scarlett in Cornwall, it looks stunning x 

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    We're going to Pembrokeshire for our mini-moon. Staying in a lovely hotel called the grove in narberth. Beautiful setting, loads of good walks and the hotel is amazing. We've stayed there before and just needed a good reason to go back!

  • or absolutely stunning cottages. All based in the north east! We're staying in The Paper Mill in County Durham for our mini moon - near enough to Durham and Newcastle for when we want civilisation but far enough away to get some peace and quiet too!

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    Mr and Mrs Smith and Canopy and Stars are two great sites that have luxury hotels/ unusual but luxurious places across the country. Highly recommended. 

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