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Passport name change?

Hi Ladies,

I'm hoping some of the marrieds (or some that are just in the know) can help me. We've just booked our honeymoon to Mauritius. We get married on Sunday 4th of May, and travel the following Saturday 10th May. I'd love to travel as Mrs T instead of Miss W as it says on my passport, but don't know a thing about passport turnaround and when you can get it changed?

Can anyone shed any light on this?






  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842

    Well you have to travel in whatever name you used to booked so if that's your maiden name then id leave it

  • Mrs S 2BMrs S 2B Posts: 366 New bride

    I'm doing it and it is possible as long as you look up visa requirements and they don't need you to apply in advance like the USA does. I live abroad so will have to travel home in my maiden name and then change my passport back in the UK. I'm leaving myself 3 weeks but apparently you can go to london and do it in a day. 

  • Ooooh we have fallen in love with Mauritius too but for august time...can I ask where you are staying?? X

  • It is currently booked under my maiden name, but they said it can be changed free of charge. I don't think there are any visa requirements for Mauritius (or at least thats what the mauritius government website says! I'd love to be able to travel on my new name, makes it feel more really and a little bit exciting to be able to arrive as Mr and Mrs T.



  • My hubby changed his name and got his passport changed in advance - the turnaround was really quick and they actually made a mistake and dated the passport from the date of application rather than our marriage date we were advised.

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