Travelling Honeymoon ideas?!

SO, getting married on August 2nd 2014 and the other half and I have started to look at honeymoon destinations... I know, I know - little bit organised, BUT, we are both nurses so need to start planning our annual leave now. 

We arent fussed what time of year it is - looking towards the end of 2014 and we are looking at possibly 3 weeks away. the first 2 weeks travelling, the final week chilling on a beach somewhere. We want culture and beautiful views. image 

We have a budget of about £3000. 

Any ideas or recommendations would be absolutely brilliant! Thanks guys! 

Mrs Gentle to be image 


  • JbeeJbee Posts: 60

    I think Southeast Asian would be great for your budget.  Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok then a week in Koh Samui in Thailand!  Great beaches with very reasonable prices Hotels. British Airway is doing Sale for flight tickets check it out. 

  • Thailand is a great shout, although personally I would choose a beach destination that's a little bit more secluded/off the beaten track. In the south, the West Coast is more favourable during our winter months, so places like Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Krabi would be great. If you've got three weeks then take a bit of time to go up to the north to Chiang Mai, and perhaps even do a spot of island hopping.

    Bangkok is great but personally I found it quite frenetic and two days was enough for us!

    Hope that helps.

  • MrsG23MrsG23 Posts: 231

    Oh wicked! Thank you Jbee and Travelgal! 

    We have been looking into Thailand - thinking we may do a minimoon the week after the wedding and save for a wicked 3 -4 weeks away image We dont wanna have to really budget the big honeymoon - we want to really be able to enjoy it image x


  • Thailand can be visited with some of the other countries in Southeast Asia really easily too, like Cambodia or Vietnam, so if you're going for three or four weeks you could always consider a tour around a couple of countries. 

  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    I would defintley say if you are going to Thailand to add on Cambodia aswell. Angor Wat is stunning!! I can't comment on Vietnam yet, but it is where we are going on honeymoon and there are lots of nice beachy places there too and it looks awesome!! image

    I agree re Bangkok, infact I'd probably say one day is enough, just to be able to say you've been and then i would leave!! But then some of my friends who have been there have loved Bangkok, it just depends what you like, but it wasn't for me. 

    If the budget can stretch to it New Zeland is a beautiful part of the world - especially the south island. Flights there would probably be the most expensive part, but once you are there you can travel around and stay at places quite cheaply. Swimming with Dolphins at Kaikora has to be one of my favourite memories from my travels. 

    Travelling around America is also good if you have never been there before and in the time you have you could cover a big distance. I love American road trips, but I know the states isn't everyone cup of tea, but if you do like the idea of America I'd be happy to tell you more about my travels there. 

  • MrsG23MrsG23 Posts: 231

    Strangely enough, Vietnam and Cambodia is at the top of our places to visit list! Have heard they are absolutely beautiful! 

    I think a lot of planning is in order image thank you guys!! xx

  • Go to Vietnam and Cambodia over Thailand any day! I travelled there for  3 months a few years back, Thailand is so very commercialised compared to Vietnam and Cambodia. 

    The people are lovely, food amazing and so so cheap once there. $20 a night for a slap up meal and enough drinks to be merry.

    Great choice!



  • I was going to sayThailand but everyone else had beat me to it! It's a brilliant and beautiful country, but if you've got 3 weeks don't try and do too much by visiting other countries, there's so much to see there that going anywhere else as well would be too rushed imo

    I've been a couple of times and I'd say no more than 2 nights in Bangkok, go up to Chaign Mai for at least a week, maybe stay somewhere on the way up like Ayuttya or Kanchanabri, then some time on the beaches at the end - Railay Beach, Krabi is amazing, Koh Tao if you want diving, or Koh Lanta  - I've been to Koh Samui and it was a bit too over comercialised for me, wouldn't recommend it

  • MrsB2014MrsB2014 Posts: 465

    Hi all, We're getting married in April 2014 but are goint to honeymoon beforehand in January/February (work schedules).

    We are going for 3 weeks and definatley want to go to Vietnam and Thailand with possibly some time on a beach  in Thailand. The idea is to have 2 weeks or so travelling with the final 5-7 days just chilling. Any ideas on the best places to book with? Have poeple organised it all with a travel agent or tried to book direct?

    This is the part of the wedding that it going to take the most organising for us so any help would be appreciated!

  • Hi MrsB2014,

    There are benefits to both - it's relatively easy to plan a trip to Thailand and Vietnam on your own and is likely to be cheaper than going through a company, but if you go through a tour operator you'll be given more guidance on which properties, places and excursions etc best suit your needs and budget. If you organise your honeymoon with an ATOL protected company you'll also be financially protected.

    Hope this helps. image

  • Was going to say what everyone else has already said!

    We did Thailand in 2012 (where hubby proposed) - booked it all ourselves rather than through agent and had an amazing time on a very strict budget (e.g. got trains not flights internally and so on).

    We're going back to SE Asia for honeymoon, just booked our flights to Hong Kong and on to Bangkok and then returning home from Bangkok and we're going to work out the internal bits over the next few months - was debating a trip to either Laos or Cambodia and readinging what others have posted looks like Cambodia may be a great shout.

    Personally I love Bangkok - literally one of my favourite cities ever - but can see why people would hate it!  It is  definitely something you should experience if you do go to Thailand though!

  • Hi MrsG23,

    It's definitely not too early to be planning your honeymoon! It's best to organise it all ahead of time so you can focus on the wedding.

    As everyone has suggested, Thailand would be a great option for your budget and there is a lot of culture in Thailand. It is one of my favourite destinations. I recommend Koh Samui in Thailand as it is a spot made for honeymoons. We have some beautiful private pool villas on our website.

    You could also twin your honeymoon with Bangkok, we love the Banyan Tree and will give you a great combination of a city and beach break.

    If you need any more help or want us to send you a honeymoon quote, email [email protected] or call 0121 440 6268.

  • I'm in the same boat, AND getting married on the 2/8/14!!!

    but we've just come back from Thailand, so want to do somewhere different?!

    India/Brazil etc...! Only have 14 days!


    any ideas?

  • I know it won't be as warm as Asia, but sta travel are doing a deal flying London, Iceland, Canada, new yorks then back to London for £359 flight only, might work out quite cheap and travelling around? Just an option

  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    Wow Hydro Girl that sounds a like a fab set itinerary (I really want to go to Canada) if my honeymoon wasn't booked I would seriously consider that , although don't you have to be 26 and under to book with sta or has that changed now? 

  • MrsB2014MrsB2014 Posts: 465

    I've just come back from mine. We ended up doing a week in Sri Lanka and then a week in the MaldIves. We could easily have spent another week or 2 in Sri Lanka. It was amazing. The people are so nice and there is loads to see and do.

  • you dont have to be under 26, thank god! lol or a student

    if u email, call or go in and see them they could give u an idea on the cheapest dates to go i.e. one or two days makes a difference on price! this is the email i got sent a while back i asked about prices in winter tho as we wanted to see the northen lights

    "So the deal on the Nor'Easter is from £369 if departing the UK 1st Nov-15Dec 2013 or 6Jan to 31st March, and the route is London-Iceland-Toronto then overland to New York (we can look at tours etc if you like) then back to London It is available at other times of the year but is more expensive. Is it next month you're wanting to travel? There's no limit on timescale for the Nor'Easter, just within visa restrictions of 90 days."
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