Hi all,

So we have decided our official honeymoon will be Maldives in April 2015 approx 10 months after our wedding as it will be monsoon season after we get married and also we would like to save for this instead of putting anything on a credit card or such.

We have decided to go on a honeymoon straight after the wedding however we are really really stuck on where to go. We both love America, we both love Greece, Spain, Italy. We would like a little bit of luxury spending no more than £3000, our perfect honeymoon is a beach type one but with some activites to do for H2B as he can't sit still all day around a pool like I can, kindle in one hand, cocktail in other!image However, we can't decide whether we want to go far like the Carribean, America etc or whether we want to do a shorter flight. Completely stuck and any suggestions are welcome as we just have no idea!

Thanks xx


  • Santorini? Look at google imgesd of Oia!

    So romantic with the best sunsets image

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    We have looked at Santorini and we love the look of it we just wanted to research a few places before deciding but that was one of them, looks beautiful. Have you been? 

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    We have also thought about Sorrento image looks amazing. That's the trouble everywhere for honeymooners look amazing. We love the look of Sandals resorts but the price is a bit much. Maybe we will find a way to save more as Sandals is our dream for an immediate holiday. We are steering towards not going to europe because of how expensive the euro can be. xxx

  • Santorini is stunning, not so sure on adventure for your h2b though. I can highly recommend Turkey, we went to Penulisa Gardens in Kas, it was perfect.  http://www.peninsulagardenshotel.com/

  • I would say Santorini aswell it's the most beautiful place I've ever been too xx
  • Have you looked at the Sandals Properties in Jamaica? There is some beautiful ones I particular like the whitehouse one in Jamaica as its located on a 2mile stretch beach!

    Just perfect to relax on whilst your H2B can do some watersports.


  • gina ggina g Posts: 397

    We loved Rhodes, and if you look sightseeing as well as relaxing on beaches then it is great image 

    We are hoping to have our honeymoon in the US we plan on doing a bit of a road trip image


  • We went to Lanzarote we didn't stay in a luxugot hotel or anything but one we had been to before as we knew where it was and loved the location and th food was amazing there was no other honeymooners around just people relaxing and enjoying themselves, we don't want to spend too much on the hotel and wanted to use the money we saved doing things on honeymoon that we wanted to do image 

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