Helps & Tips! Honeymoon in Europe!

Hi Ladies,

Me and H2B have started thinking about our honeymoon...orginally we were going to do Mexico..Caribbean..Florida & Disney...Hawaii....but lately we've thought why not stay closer to home, flights are so pricey out of Europe and we both love city breaks and there is so many places in Europe we want to see.

We found a resort in the South of France near Monaco which we are thinking for 1 week. and then somewhere else the 2nd week (orginally thought going to Paris and to Disney but for the money we could go somewhere else we’ve never been (I’ve been to Disney loads). We are thinking Krakow as we are both dying to go there, but is it a “romantic” place? I was also looking at Prague, Barcelona, Bruges, Venice...anyone got any tips from past experiences, or where would be a great place for our 2nd week?

We're nt completly ruling out going far away like Mexico, but right now we're thinking Europe...


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