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We have finally decided on Jamaica! Now it's just the hotel...

FINALLY! We have decided on Jamaica. We looked into St Lucia, Aruba and Barbados but have been to Jamaica before when I was younger and loved it and it seems to be the cheaper Carribean island. Now I need to choose a hotel, we would like adults only (not that I dislike children but not having children yet we would like to remain child free as much as we can until we decide the time is right for us ha ha!), all inclusive and not too far from airport but not right next door. So we narrowed it down to Sandals resorts, Secrets resorts and Couples resorts. Which one to choose? There is a massive price difference between Sandals and the other two and I can't help but feel we may just be paying for the name "Sandals". Any recommendations/reviews on the places would be most appreciated as this is our last hurdle to get over in our decisions image x x


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    I have never been to Jamaica, but I did stay in a Secrets resort on our honeymoon and I would 100% recommend it.  We also looked at Sandals but felt that it was overpriced compared to Secrets.  I would probably use the difference in price and upgrade your room.  We stayed preferred club ocean view and it was just amazing, absolute paradise.  We were treated like royalty, nothing was too much trouble at all.  It is also worth looking at the different extras that are included etc in those prices.  We had full access to the spa (not sure if the Jamaica secrets has one) but it was world class, the epitome of relaxation!

    Lastly, I would look at the trip advisor reviews because they may include some comparisons.  To be honest though, they all sound lovely, I'm sure you'll have a fab time whichever one you choose! x

  • We stayed at Couples Swept Away a few years back and also visited their other property, Couple Negril, we much preferred Swept Away. We haven't visited a Sandals resort and did consider it, but Sandals is a more glitzy, marble type resort with butlers etc. Couples, we found was a more relaxed resort than that,

    We absolutely loved it. It is a rustic type resort, rooms are not glitzy but were clean, had everything we needed and a huge comfy bed. We booked the cheapest basic room but we were upgraded to an atrium suite which have three sides that are shutters and no glass. There is a mesh behind the shutters to keep bugs out and we loved this room. This room also has no TV which I was disappointed about and considered asking to go back to basic room, but we really didn't miss it at all. All the rooms have a mini bar and you can get juices, beer and full bottles of alcohol on request.

    Service can be slow at times, but it's Jamaica and everyone has that laid back attitude, but you are on holiday/honeymoon, there is no rush and the place is just gorgeous. The stretch of beach that Couples sits on is the best in the area and they are out clearing the beach every day of seaweed, it's immaculate (and I hate the beach normally). We walked along to the other resorts and Sandals beach was not as nice and was messy with reeds, seaweed, rocks etc.

    They also have amazing floaties on each sunbed that you can lie on in comfort and use to float away the hours in the water. We loved it and would go back in a heartbeat.

    Any questions, just ask

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