Honeymoon ideas needed please!

Hello there everyone,

We are struggling to find a decent honeymoon destination. The In laws are paying for it as our engagement / wedding present. They said we have a 14 night hotel break in europe and our budget is £2000.

We have some hurdles though - I can not fly (Poop meself on planes and with my anxiety disorder - nothing works - and I cant swalow pills - I know pathetic isnt it - But its me brain.....)

My Fiance doesnt mind going on a boat but wont stay on one - so cruise outta the question.

We thought about driving to Italy - however my panic fears in tunnels - too much for me. (Again pathetic)

Can anyone help? we would like at least one of the weeks to relax and not do a lot




  • I know a lot of people will hate this idea but thouht i'd throw it in there as something different:


    This site is lovely and the tipi's aren't just like tents they're gorgeous and set in grounds surrounded by woodland and lakes so very relaxing.

    I know it won't be to everyones taste but we're thinking of doing it ourselves after we're married in April and then doing a bigger honeymoon in the summer

  • Thank you x but not my cuppa tea x Love the fact that its different though x

  • How about hiring a beautiful car and heading to monte carlo? find some unusual boutique hotels on the way there and then back. not sure how feasible it is...xx

  • yeah actually that looks expensive! we stayed in the rennaissance in paris once it was lovely, they had a deal on one night stay and breakfast for something silly like 50 euros. Its way more than that normally! I am sure you can have the best time even without flying (i am dreading our honeymoon, i hate flying but H2B wants to go to borneo, cue a truck load of diazepam) xx

  • Wow thats a great idea x Thank you x

    The Boat house looks fantastic x

  • doesn't it!! It is super pricey but I have been looking for alternatives and I reckon you can find something equally as gorgeous and romantic for a bit less with regards the boat house at least. Try Scotland. We get married in 71 days and now I have been looking for you I have started to look for us a suprise lol...

    I now have this little notion in my head that a gorgeous long weekend wrapped up in wool blankets in front of a roaring fire in Scotland is the perfect mini moon ahead of Borneo next year... xx

  • We have decided on a castle in scotland for the first week and a castle in wales for the second x Will be staying on the LOCH NESS lake - EEEKKKK excited x


    That sounds lovely x Might nt come back ha ha

  • That sounds absolutely gorgeous! so romantic! have the best time! i nearly sent you a link to a cottage on a little island in scotland bang next door to a castle...it looked really atmospheric. If we dont do scotland this year we will definitely go next so let me know what you thought of it all. We holiday every year in wales and it is breathtakingly beautuful and so relaxing xxxxx

  • We went to Ayr in scotland in August this year - Our first time to scotland - Stunning views x

  • We are staying in uk. Booked a self catering cottage in middle of no where so we get time just the 2 of us to do what we want when we want, u get ur own hot tub etc too and some cottages have their own swimming pools too image 

  • Poor thing with your phobia. Totally sympathise with anxiety issues 

    love the Monaco idea. It's an amazing place - we stayed at the hotel nh. So funky. 

    Id love to go to the scarlet in Cornwall. It looks amazing 

    i loved loved loved jersey. We stayed at st brelades bay. Gorgeous hotel overlooking beach. You could hire a car. 

    Island hopping in Greece if you could get to Athens and take boats from there. 

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