The Wild Orchid Bay - Jamaica

Hello everyone! (I love this wedding forum - I keep thinking of threads to start oops)

We are looking at booking The Wild Orchid for part of our honeymoon when in Jamaica, it looks absolutely amazing and has great reviews. I was wondering if anyone on here has been there or know of anyone that has and what there thoughts are on the hotel.

Hope you can help image xxx


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    Hi image

    I am too looking at honeymoons and I did alot of research on the wild orchid. We decided against because of the "preffered club option" where you pay about £1000 more to be a preferred guest and get a better room - fair enough but you also are allowed to use all bars and restaurants and have different towels to everybody else. So from this I gather if you are "non-preferred" you can only use certain bars/restaurants, which I believe isn't fair in my eyes, I totally agree with paying more if you want a better room but it's like calling out the poorer people from the rich having different colour towels etc. If I'm paying £5,000 + for a honeymoon I want to be treated as everybody else it, not made to feel unimportant. This is just my opinion though and just thought I'd bring it up in case you didn't know but if you don't think anything of this then book it because it does have good reviews and is a beautiful hotel by the looks of it. Are you looking at any Sandals resorts? Just a suggestion but if you want adults only, luxury and modern look at Sandals in Bahamas, looks absolutely stunning. I've looked into Sandals Jamaica but apparently they are very old and dated (words of travel agent), hope this helps xx

  • Hi MrsCToBe,

    Thank you for your thoughts and feedback I will look into this more myself now as well. I have looked into Sandals as well but to be honest when looking I dont find them to be any better than some of the none sandals ones and they are so expensive, and I also think to some point you are paying more just for the name but that said I will look at the ones in Bahamas as I've only looked at Jamaica ones and totally agree they look dated.

    Thanks for your advice image When do you get married and when are you planning to go on your honeymoon hun? xx

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    Yeah I agree I don't want to pay for the name. I do like the Sandals Bahamas, Antigua and Grenada (its brand new). Yeah I thought I would warn you as a lot of people aren't aware of this until they research deeper into the resort, it's just personal opinion though some people might not mind this maybe I'm just too opinionated but then I blimmin well have the right to be paying £5000+! Lol. I'm getting married 20th June next year how about you? we want to go the week after or early July and have our hearts set on Caribbean, I've been to Bahamas. before just to look about when we stopped off their on a cruise (didn't see much)  ive been to Jamaica when I was younger and loved the island the people and atmosphere xx

  • Haha yeah I know .....not cheap but then worth it as holiday of a lifetime, we are going to Vegas and San Fran first then wanted a luxury beach stay after and I've never been to the Caribbean so it's top of the list! Our wedding is 1st of August next year so will go two days after I'm hoping the weather will be okay in Jamaica in August I'm not too sure on that need to research ....

    it's so exciting doing all the honeymoon research xx

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