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Anybody ever been to Grenada?

Hi girls,

I am getting more and mroe fed up of planning this honeymoon, I just cannot make a decision and H2B is being a typical man and saying I can choose as as long as he's laying on a hot beach somewhere with me he doesn't mind! I have narrowed it down to Sandals Grenada (brand new, opening December 2013) it looks beautiful! or Jamaica Sandals Royal Carribean (has a private island, is well established with returning customers etc) Obviously I can't compare on reviews as there are none for Grenada yet. I love the look of them both so much image They are around the same price but it's actually cheaper for Grenada in terms of we get a better room for our money etc. However, when I spoke to ladies in Travel Agent she said there is not alot to do in Grenada and if I want the real Carribean atmosphere (which I do) Jamaica is the one to go for, but I can't help feeling this new one looks sooooo beautiful! I've been to Jamaica but not Grenada so wanted to get peoples opinions on Grenada as H2B likes to do scuba diving etc and I'm not too sure what the weather is like in June either. Thanks in advance xx


  • Hi Mrsc2b, I have never been to grenada so sorry i cant help there, but didnt want to read and run. Have you also considered barbados. I stayed at the Couples hotel it was amazing. I went swimming in the sea with turtles. Its also classed as being under the hurricane belt like aruba. As june to nov is hurricane season. Not sure what the weather is like in grenada that time of the year. I was thinking of jamaica for my honeymoon next aug but not sure because of the weather. I have been to mexico to and loved it, there is to much to do there lol. So may look at going there again, just worried about the weather again, so annoying as i dont want to go and it rains etc. I knew a couple who went to grenada last year for there honeymoon and they loved it. Have you though about a twin holiday were you go to 1 hotel somewhere for say 4 days then fly somewhere else another for 6 or whateverxx 

  • Hi

    I haven't been to either but my Mum and Step-Dad have been to both and stayed at the same Sandals that you're looking at. The thing they said about Jamaica is that you can't go out on your own, you have to be with a tour guide as it's not safe. The trip they went on to a waterfall had armed guards!

    Grenada is much more relaxed and safe.


  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    Thanks guys! I have been to Jamaica before so know it's not safe to leave the resort unless you do excursions. MissFairytale, I went to Jamaica in June and didn't see a spot of rain, the most hurricanes and tropical storms occur late august - september as it's more humid then. xx

  • Greneda is amazing!!! I would argue if you want a proper carribbean atmosphere Greneda is the best island to go to as its not too touristy. We stayed in a hotel not too far away from The sandals resort (when we went it was La Source). We went for 2 weeks and by far it was one of the best holidays I have been on.

    We did a tour of the island, went to a rum distillary, nutmeg factory and various places around the island. It is an island that is full of history, culture and a real carribbean feel (the market in St Georges is amazing!!). There is fish friday in one part of the island, which is a massive party until sunrise, St Georges, which is the capital and has lots of things to see, the chocolate facetory (we did not go image). We got the local bus into town, much cheaper than a taxi and was so much fun. You have to knock on the roof to be let off and the locals are so friendly they will just chat to you about anything and everything image

    There was a massive party boat that goes around the island, we did not go on it but some people who were staying at the same resort did and said it was an experience!!

    My OH went snorkelling, he said it was brilliant. There is a sculpture park and the wreck of Bianca C, which are suppposed to be amazing (the sculpture diving site is world renowned). I am not sure what the weather is like in June, we went in April and it was lovely. We had a few cloudy days but that did not spoil it. I would say the weather is more consistent in the Carribbean than the Maldives.

    If I could go back to Greneda I would in a heart beat. My OH's uncle has managed a few reosrts in the Carribbean (Antiga and the Bahamas) and he has said Greneda is his favourite! You would not be disappointed!! 



  • Grenada, without a doubt!

    The scenery is fab, the people are so friendly!

    I've done a few islands in the Carribean and Grenada and Dominica were my favourites! 

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