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Gutted! :(

We went and got prices for premium economy flights, all inclusive to Sandals Jamaica for 2 weeks which came in at just under £6000 last Sunday, told them we would get the money together for this weekend (pay day tomorrow) and phoned them today just to double check and it's gone just over £7000 for the exact same thing image What shall I do? Wait and check daily until a sale comes on or similar? Any advice would be appreciated, a couple hundred I could probably deal with but £1000?! x


  • There was some really good advice given here by a previous bride about honeymoons...two secs and i'll try and find it!

  • Fox's Patent Holiday Haggling Method image

    Here's my strategy for getting cheaper holidays, hope it helps image we got free upgrades to 1st class flights, free stay in a suite at the Sofitel and Gatwick the night before with free airport parking, champagne in the Sofitel room, free upgrade to the best villa in the hotel, free private transfers both ways, free travel insurance etc etc image.

    Do your research first, get quotes from Kuoni/Thomas Cook/Hayes and Jarvis/other companies first, then go into Thomas Cook and haggle with them to get the price down, then go into Thompson and tell them Thomas Cook's price and ask if they can beat if. Do not tell them it's your honeymoon at this point!

    If they say they'll match it tell them no thanks and that you usually book with Thomas Cook, so if they can't beat it rather than just match it you'll stick with TC. Once they've (hopefully) given you a much cheaper price, commit to booking and as they're going through all the booking confirmations, tell them it's your honeymoon and ask if they can include various things for free or for a reduced rate. Drip feed these, so ask about one thing, then let them do a bit more of the paperwork/booking, then ask about another thing. 

    If you sense they're starting to get a bit cheesed off, don't ask for anything else at that point. Once it's booked you can go back in another day and ask them to add other things for free (I did this for the Sofitel/parking etc)

    I do this with all of our holidays, not just our honeymoon, and the strategy hasn't failed yet image. I don't like haggling but I brace myself and just go for it image. Apologies to any travel agents out there image.

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    We went with sandals but booked through Thomas cook and managed to get an extra £500 knocked off the sandals price. We booked our honeymoon during the sandals sale though - should have been £9800 and got it for £5400 so if you can possibly wait until sale time I'd definitely recommend it x 

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    Should have said, we also got free flights from Manchester to heathrow, private transfer to gatwick and a night in the premier inn at gatwick thrown in by Thomas cook. Also had a private transfer on the way home. It can be done! x

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    Thank you so much MrsMcG2be defo going to try this strategy! xx

    Nenjen do you know when Sandals do their sales? Thanks xx

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    We booked in February 2012 for our May 2013 honeymoon. They don't always do them at the same time of year though. I get emails through from sandals with their latest offers so maybe try looking on the website to see if they have a newsletter you can sign up to. Remember that you can also book sandals holidays through virgin. it's worth shopping round x 

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    I work in travel and have to say that you've actually answered your own question in the first post.

    " told them we would get the money together for this weekend (pay day tomorrow) "

    The exact reason that it's gone up is because it's pay day! Prices will have been lowered mid month to entice people in. Typically we reserach for a couple of weeks before booking. So you've gone round, you've searched all the websites, called all the agents etc and probably spent a good deal of time looking.

    Pay day comes, your ready to book and your price has gone up. The vast majority of people will pay it as they just think 'oh dear better book it before it goes up again' and they can't be bothered to spend hours researching it again.

    This will happen to most holidays and some will only go up by a small amount (usually a % of between 1-10%) but in your case, its a sandals holidays, which for most people is a once in a lifetime thing and people are more likely to panic once the price goes up and start booking it. 

    I would suggest looking around again and perhaps waiting another week or two to see if it comes down.

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    I used to work in travel and agree with above also prices do change with the amount of people booked on the flight.

    When booking my honeymoon, I got 2 quotes from different companies and played them off against each other. When decided who to book with once i had some fantastic discounts I asked the travel agent what he could do if i booked it right now and paid in full and got another very generous discount, you just have to be cheeky image


  • Really sorry to hear that mrsctob2014.We've booked sandals for july 2nd to go to jamaica about 3 weeks ago We tried all the local travel agents but before we booked my day told me to ring the guy he uses for his hols and he knocked another £500 off. Do you want his number to see if he can help?

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