How much did you spend on your honeymoon?

A part of me is saying "go for it, it's one of the most special holidays you will ever have."

Another part of me is saying "£4000 is a lot to spend on a 10-night break, think of what else you could spend the money on/just spend £1000 and stay in Europe"


Thoughts and opinions considered image. Planning on August 2014.



  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Our honeymoon was really important to us and we wanted a once in a lifetime experience, so the cost was well worth it.

    There will always be something else to spend money on!

  • Sarah 6Sarah 6 Posts: 139

    Yeah we are spending a lot but once in an lifetime experience so just over £5,000 is worth it for us. We don't go away often so don't mind the splurge. 

  • JayMJayM Posts: 8

    We are spending around 4,500 altogether for 12 nights. It's a lot of money but we are paying for the wedding ourselves and our parents are treating us to the honeymoon. We have to go to places where it is peak season anyway because we are getting married in January, therefore EVERYWHERE we looked at was expensive. That being said we are both looking forward to the honeymoon more than the actual wedding itself!

    5 days in Miami and 7 night cruise around the Carribean image

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Ours was alot for us, but not much compared to others. We spent £1500 (Our whole wedding, not inc honeymoon, came in around £5000 though so in comparison still a huge amount) on a 10 night med cruise in January - but we got a good deal as we booked with less than 6 weeks (and blazing hot sunshine was not important to us)

    Having said that spend as much as you can (without over stretching yourselves) as it really should be the holiday of a lifetime, all those other things you could spend that money on will still be there in the future, you'll only really have one honeymoon so make it EPIC!!! image

  • Gj305Gj305 Posts: 89

    We are spending £10,000 for flights and accomodation and then we will have spends on top and we are going for 5 weeks.

    Its a once in a life time experience, we are fortunate that we can afford it and as MrsBeau2be says there wil always be other things to spend money on!


  • oh my gosh, i could only dream of spending that much money,  you will all have such an amazing time though!  what i have planned is to have a 'mini' moon as it were, and go somewhere straight after the wedding for 7 nights, just thinking somewhere like italy, our budget is only £1,000 for the two of us.  then we're thinking of splurging big time the year after on our anniversary and doing the whole honeymoon thing then!  

  • Hi image

    We are having a 2-part honeymoon. This year we are going to Scotland for a week, which without paying for any food etc., is £500. We are then planning a 10night trip to San Francisco which will come in at about £6000.

    Wow £10,000! Where are you going Gj305?

    image xxx

  • Bex960Bex960 Posts: 113

    We've spent about £3500 on our honeymoon,  our opinion is that we'll only ever do it once (hopefully) so we wanted to spend the money and do something that we wouldnt usually be able to afford or justify spending that much money on a 'regular' holiday.  We're going for fourteen noghts and staying in LA, Los Angeles, Yosemite and San Francisco.

    Where are you thinking of going KB061288?  Could you wait until a few months after your wedding and go when its not peak season/school holidays and maybe get it a bit cheaper?

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    Ours is a scary amount that I don't even like to think about or tot up!  But then we are spending three weeks in New Zealand at the most expensive time of year (over Christmas and New Year).

    Flights alone were about £2,500 but that was paid for out of compensation from a cycling accident I had a few years ago - the rest is a good few grand AT LEAST but we have a honeymoon gift list which is such a help in terms of contributions.  

    I say go for it - it's the holiday of a lifetime! And like someone said earlier, I think we are actually looking forward to it more than the wedding!

  • Ours is about £5500 for 2 weeks in Kenya - 1 week safari & 1 week on the beach. We want to try for a baby after the honeymoon, so figured it would be a long time before we were in a position to have such a holiday again! The boyfriend is definetely more excited about the safari than he is the wedding.

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    £1900 for 12 nights all inclusive in Marakesh and it was AMAZING! 

  • Bubbles91Bubbles91 Posts: 120

    We are spending approx £4000 on our honeymoon (not including when we get there).  We love our travel and part of us is looking forward to the honeymoon more than the actual wedding!! hahaha but its going to be a blow out where, if we want to eat at a certain place, doing certain things, we are going to do it, we may have better holidays in future, who knows?!  But for the here and now, it going to be one of the best holidays ever, that we will always rememeber!  I say GO FOR IT!! image xx

  • Gj305Gj305 Posts: 89

    We are off to Australia and China for 5 weeks and staying in some pretty swanky places. Like Ratthings2 we are thinking of starting a family after the wedding so will be the last holiday for quite some time i imagine!

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    Ours came to about £5,400 for 17 days in St Lucia. We managed to get a deluxe suite with a butler in the sandals sale; it should have cost £9,600. We wanted something really special because we knew we'd try for a baby after the wedding, like others have said. Good job we did because I fell pregnant within 7 weeks of getting home! We both love knowing that we had a fabulous holiday and have something lovely to look back on x 

  • Bubbles91Bubbles91 Posts: 120

    To myself and H2B, we really like our travel and the Honeymoon is a massive part of the whole wedding to us, so we are spending approx £4000 and having an amazing, no expense spared, no hold backs trips!! image xx

  • We have spent just over £4000 for our honeymoon to Mexico like others we are planning to start trying for a baby after the wedding so will be our last nice holiday for quite a while so we wanted somewhere amazing. And we both can't wait we are just as excitedfor that as the wedding!

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    We was originally going to go to Italy on honeymoon, but decided on Mauritius which has cost just over £4000 for 2 weeks all inclusive because we want to start a family after tge honeymoon so wanted to have a once in a lifetime holiday. Cant wait x 

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    We spent £5,000 on the luxury holiday of a lifetime in Mexico.  We stayed in the most amazing resort.

    But... we loved it so much we want to keep going back.  So much so that we would rather holiday less frequently and go back than have one less nice holiday a year.

    I never thought we would ever spend so much on a holiday again, but we went to New York on our anniversary and that also cost the best part of £5k after spending money.  

    If you can afford it, go for it image

  • MrsM2014MrsM2014 Posts: 223

    We are spending around £4000 on a luxury holiday in Mexico.  We have both been married before and I have 3 kids which live us, so getting any us time is near on impossible. We decided that this was a one in a lifetime holiday and a chance to spend 2 weeks without the children, and once we found out it was an adults only resort we were hooked! x

  • In the middle of planning ours now - trying to watch what we spent - will hopefully come in around £2000-£2500 then plus spends, we're doing four nights Hong Kong, then on to Thailand, where we may stay or we may also pop over the border into Cambodia....trying to do a mix of nice hotels and cheaper options - we want some luxury but also want to see the real areas where we visit.

    Totally understand OPs dilema - part of me wants to blow our money on something totally extravagent but then part of me wants to think about future too!!  Trying to get a good balance!

  • Not sure if this thread is making me feel better or worse...

    We're spending just over £10k excluding spending money on the most epic US road trip imaginable! We're going for 4 weeks next June and I absolutely can't wait! It really is our "dream trip" (We wanted to do it 7 years ago after I finished university, but couldn't afford we're going now, just in a little more style!)

    I feel sick thinking about the amount of money we're spending (both on the wedding and the honeymoon!) but I've had a really tough few years at work - and we envisage house moves and children within the next few years... so this is our last chance to do something entirely fun and selfish, just for us.

    We will be able to cover alll our wedding and honeymoon costs from savings - but all our spends will be on credit as we're maxing out the budget. A bit worrying, but we really need this so I don't regret the choice!

  • Originally we were torn between 3 weeks travelling around Italy and 3 weeks in Florida but I think we've now decided on Florida as decided we can do little trips to the places we want to see in Italy as and when whereas Florida will be a massive once in a lifetime trip. We have realised though that the amount it will cost just isn't doable straight after the wedding so I think we're going to have a mini-moon straight after the wedding somewhere relaxing, whether that be somewhere here in the UK or maybe somewhere like Malta and then do the Florida blow-out holiday for our one year anniversary! Bearing in mind Florida is likely to cost us at least £5000 and we're paying for pretty much everything it's just not finacially feasable in the same year as the wedding. 

    I do think your honeymoon (whether it be straight after the wedding or a year later) should be an amazing once in a lifetime holiday, not just something you could (and would) do any old time.

  • Hi ladies,

    Your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime holiday and will be a special time regardless of your budget, but why not do something a little extra special than a usual holiday and go somewhere you've always dreamed of!

    Our clients have all sorts of budgets from £1,000 to £20,000. It all depends on where you want to go, how long for and what time of year. If you want to do a lot on a small budget, try and pick the off-peak seasons to travel and if you want to spoil yourselves, we think business class flights for long haul are the perfect wedding gift to each other.

    Our honeymoon specialists are experts when it comes to budgets and destinations. Just tell us what you want from your honeymoon and how long you want to go and we will come up with the perfect dream honeymoon location.

    Feel free to call us on 0121 440 6268 or email [email protected] for a free online honeymoon quote. 

    Good luck for the big day ladies! x

  • We spent £7000-7500 on our honeymoon.. yes crazy I know.

    We went to New York for 5nights, (been before) did sights, horse drawn carriage around central park, and then Wrestlemania, WWE Hall fo Fame, Monday Night Raw & Accexx, Hubby is a huge wrestling fan

    then we flow across and spent 6nights in California, did both Disney parks, Universal, L.A etc

  • Zara GZara G Posts: 48

    We're spending £3,500 for a fortnight all inclusive in Mexico. As everyone has said, it's a once in a lifetime holiday for us image

  • I couldnt imagine spending all that on a's mad!! lol, but I guess that's just cause I couldn't afford it haha.

    We are planning Greece or Mexico for 10 nights, all inclusive, spending about £2500 either place.

    Manfaw what was Marrakech like as we thought about it but didnt know if it was more for 4/5 nights or if it's enough for the 10 nights? x

  • Hi,

    We wanted to have two honeymoons: one close to home as we knew we couldn't get too much time off work before Christmas; and then one abroad. We went to Scotland for a week in November 2013 and spent overall approx. £1500. We have just booked a second honeymoon to San Francisco in June - we felt the package was quite reasonable: 8 nights in a luxury hotel, with premium economy flights cost us just over £4000. We're hoping to stick to our budget of £1500 whilst we're there image Our second honeymoon is a holiday of a lifetime for us, and certainly the last 'big' holiday before we want to start a family.


  • We've got about 5k to one side for our honeymoon but i don't know where we are going as it is a surprise to me from h2b but it will be for 14 nights x

  • MrsKGMrsKG Posts: 403

    We couldn't really afford an expensive honeymoon and had booked cheap Jet2 flights to Spain and were going to stay in a friend's villa near Valencia.... that was until I won a 10-night honeymoon to Malaysia thanks to a Brides Magazine competition! So fair to say plans have changed somewhat. I'm not entirely sure what the honeymoon to Malaysia would have cost, but I think in the region on £10,000 looking at the flights, accommodation and food etc - gulp, so lucky! If we were going to Spain we would have spend about £1000 max.

  • Its a once in a lifetime experience is the honeymoon.  And I agree with a comment made earlier on this thread when someone said there will always be something else to spend the money on. 

    I can arrange the honeymoon for you and give you the benefit of my 22 years experience as a Travel Agent and much more.  Why not drop me a line to [email protected]





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