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Honeymoon ideas welcome

We have decided not to book a honeymoon until just before or after our wedding in July because we were going to ask for honeymoon contributions as our wedding gift. We were thinking if going somewhere hot in September or October after The school holidays. Obviously we don't know how much we will receive as a gift, but it is likely we will pay part of the honeymoon too. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for destinations in sept/Oct time? Have any other brides done similar? A friend who recently got married said i'd be surprised how much people give as a gift, but to be honest, we have had a lot of help from close family already...we would love a holiday of a lifetime, any ideas and tips welcomed...

Katie x


  • Hi Katie,

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    Honeymoons can be an extra cost on top of an already expensive wedding, however there is no need to delay booking your honeymoon as prices can increase quite a lot in a matter of months.

    We have a honeymoon gift list we offer free for our honeymoon couples, how it works is that you pay the deposit for your honeymoon (around 10-15%) and you send your guests a reference number for your honeymoon fund online page (which includes a photo of the two of you). Your guests pay money towards your honeymoon either online or can call our office in Birmingham and leave a message for you to read alongside the money.

    It is really popular among our honeymoon clients and they are all really surprised how generous their family and friends are and most tend to only end up paying the deposit.

    If you would like any help or more information about your honeymoon, please do not hesitate to call us on 0121 440 6268 or email [email protected]

    I hope this help shed a little light on your honeymoon planning. Good luck image


  • What type of holidays do you like/honeymoon do you want??


    are you beach, laze about people. or do you like to be busy.. do you like big cities etc

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    You need to figure out what you want to do, one person's holiday of a lifetime would be another's nightmare.

    We are going to dubrovnik, but we have been together for over a decade so know what we do and don't like.

    We did a two week cruise of the Mediterranean few years back at the end of September, we only had about 3 really sunny days, happen to fall when we did Rome and Pisa, it was fantastic, but I wouldn't go from Southampton again, rather loose a day flying then spend as couple of days each way waiting to get from then on the way back to Southampton. If you do cruising remember to budget a decent amount for trips off the boat you can organise your own but the boat will leave without you, where as the crises own trips wait if your delayed.

    The time of year your thinking of going Egypt's good if you want a beach holiday.

    Talk to your h2b it maybe what you want to do you maybe better going a different time of year. 

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