To Safari, or not to Safari, that is the question...

My OH and I are looking at going on Safari for our honeymoon, but we're both animal lovers and would hate to think that the animals are in any way mistreated etc. Are safaris ok? Obviously we'll research heavily whichever one we go on, but I can't find anything on the internet about whether or not it has a negative effect for the animals?!



  • I was under the impression that they are in their natural habitat and you would just be driving around hoping to see them. I believe that's why it is down to luck as to what you get to see. The companies offering safaris are selling you the transport, knowlege and service and the various parks you go to are the animals natural environment...although I do believe there is still a cost to "get in" there is no interaction between humans and the animals like there would be at a zoo for instance!

    Having said all that, I could be totally wrong but that is how I understood it, I think it would be the ideal holiday for animal lovers. Bare in mind though, due to them being in their natural habitat, i have heard of stories where people have witnessed some animals chasing an killing another...which is completely normal when animals are left to their own devices but may be distressing for some.

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    Where are you thinking of going? The ones I have been on has basically involved sitting in a jeep watching animals and the animals not caring two hoots about us being there. Its not at all controlled and the guides radio each other all the time to update on sightings but you are very clearly warned there are no guarantees of spotting the animals. I am more concerned about guides being exploited, and if you have cooks, helpers etc please make sure you tip them if they have done a good job, they are usually paid peanuts and rely on the tips.

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    We haven't got that far in the planning process yet, in case it wasn't going to be good for the animals, but will definitely research now! Thanks for the tips girls!

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    I went on a safari in South Africa a few years ago and would definitely recommend you do it! I want to go back and do a camping safari but my OH won't go image the animals are in their natural habitat though, the only ones we saw in enclosures were 2 leopards which had been rescued and it was up to you whether or not you went to see them, but they were being looked after to bring them back up to full health before being released back into the wild

    You aren't guaranteed to see all the animals as it depends where they are and whether or not the can be found, our guide asked us at the start of the safari if there was anything any of us really wanted to see and I was the only person that asked, as I wanted to see the Elephants (they amaze me!) Typically this was the only animal that we couldn't find but the guide drove round for well over half an hour trying all the different places he thought thy would be. This is another reason I would want to day a camping safari because you have more tours to see the animals as well. Definitely go for it though it really is amazing!!

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    OOoooooh thanks for the advice!! I'll look for camping safaris! If you love elephants, my OH and I went to Thailand in Feb, I done some research (because they don't treat their elephants that great over there!) and we went to an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai. You can choose to volunteer there or just go for the day. It was amazing! We fed them and bathed them. They all come from bad backgrounds, so there are some broken bones, and some blind ones, but it truly was the most fantastic day! Same again, they wander around on the land and you go to look at them, they're not forced to come to you. We spent the whole day there, with free lunch, and it really was something to behold! 

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    Have a look at Namibia and Botswana, the Okavenga Delta and Etosha National Park would be an amazing combination for a honeymoon. I also loved the Seregetti but that would be more "roughing it style" its 5 or 6 years since I went but feel free to ask me any questions and I will try and dredge my memory. 

  • I also went to South Africa a few years ago.  We stayed in the Kruger National Park (there are a lot of camp sites there though).

    We went camping (althouhgh our little tent had 2 wee camp beds, a fridge and a fan, plus a wee BBQ area outside).  I'll be honest, not romantic at all.  We were up at 3am most mornings (we hired a car and just did safari ourselves - we did out a couple of booked ones, but found people made so much noise the animals were scared off - plus, in our own car we could have air con on, have lunch when we wanted, go where we wanted, sit and wait for animals if we thought they'd be close by).  It was absolutely fantastic!!! In the four days we saw a ridiculous amount of elephants, giraffes and zebra, plus lions (including cubs), cheetah, buffalo etc etc.  I also have amazing pics of baby monkeys running aorund the camp playing - just amazing to see.

    We also stayed in a couple of hotels in South Africa in other areas (In Cape Town, A small place called Peebles country resort and Sun City - which I think also has safari next to it).  The hotels we stayed in there were much more luxurious, but fantastic prices.  If I could go back I'd do it in a

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    We have just been on safari to Kenya for our honeymoon and it was out of this world. The animals are very much untouched and in their natural habitat. The driver pride themselves on ensuring the animals are not harmed, hunted or interfered with.  

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    We did a safari in 2011 (and got engaged!).

    It was amazing.

    We were in Kruger and the animals are completely in their natural habitat - there is no human intervetion unless it is to help an injured endagered species.

    We stayed at Gomo Gomo - google it, highly recommended!

  • Went on safari for our honeymoon last year to Tanzania it was the best holiday of my life and I would thoroughly recommend it. The animals are totally in their natural environment so don't worry about them being mistreated (you may see some being killed by other animals -we did)

    The only animal we didn't see of the "big 5" was a leopard, but we did see a mother and baby black rhino it was amazing!

    I really want to go back to africa and maybe do a chimpanzee and gorilla safari. The company we went with were Luxury safaris they were brilliant.


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