Do we take our little girl?

Our little girl will be between 2 and a half and 3 depending on when and where we go on honeymoon. I have had a mixed opinion on if we should take our littlw girl and we have had a few discussions and obviously see pros and cons. Just thought I would ask if you ladies with children have decided what to do image 


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    My parents have offered to have our daughters (who will be 13 and 3 at the time of the wedding) for the weekend, We can't do more than that because my partner works in a school, My youngest is a cheeky handful and my eldest child is special needs

    We weren't expecting them to offer and hadn't planned a honeymoon at all, we've never been anywhere without the kids so this is a definite first

    My FSIL got married last july and she left her then 3 yr old with her parents (future in laws) for 10 days........... Seriously I thought my FMIL was going to have a meltdown towards the end lol

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    I think cos your asking you have answered your own question.


    i don't have babas, but if it was our honeymoon, and we did, I'd be thinking this is our last time to really enjoy each others company with each other at a magical time in your life, be romantic, do what you want. then you can have as many family holidays after as possible, 


    I'd just enjoy being newly weds for just a week image 

  • Since it is your honeymoon, I think you should spend your time alone with your husband. Bringing in your child will not be a good idea. If you feel guilty not bringing your child with you, you can perhaps have a family weekend after your honeymoon.

  • Surely this depends on many factors do you have reliable alternative care for your child and if you are 100% sure she will be happy and you and your husband will not be to anxious leaving her as this may impact on your enjoyment of your honeymoon.

  • Thankyou for your responses.

    We would have both sets of parents who she feels comfortable with and who we trust. We would be anxious a little which is natural for us however I don't feel it would spoil a week away. 

    The other thing I thought is after the wedding for is both to go away and then go on a family holiday however didn't think about it the other way round so really grateful for your advice image

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    We are taking our children. But they are 8 6 and 3. I would feel guilty leaving them and would ruin our trip j think. I would only worry lol. We are getting married to complete our family and celebrating that with a family holiday as opposed to a honeymoon really. There will be so much fuss on the day especially with family coming from abroad, we are gonna take 2 weeks instead of one like planned just the 5 of us. 

  • Do what feels right for you. I'm sure your daughter would get totally spoiled if you were to leave her with her grandparents so I wouldn't feel guilty should you decide to go with just your H2B. Grandparents love any excuse to treat little ones in my experience! Xx

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    I have a 7 year old daughter, and we are not taking her on our honeymoon, but only because she will be at her dad's for 10 days after the wedding, so we are having a week away on our own and then we will be having a weekend away with her when we get home.

    She wasn't originally due to be going to her dad's so we were just going to have a weekend away on our own and then make our official honeymoon a trip to Disneyworld with my daughter

  • We were going to take our girls (2 and 4) but have now decided not to image my mum has offered to have them for 7-10 days! 

  • Hi

    Thanks for all of your advice, I think we will go for a week on our own then take our little girl later in the year image It really has been a difficult situation however we will only get one chance for a honeymoon image xx

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    We are doing both! Our little girl will be 3 when we get married and we are going to leave her with H2B's parents at home and have a few days away and then have a holiday with her afterwards.

    We agonised over this, but we agree you only get one chance for a honeymoon and it should be about the two of you together for a short try not to feel guilty.....although I'm sure we willimage x

  • We went to Mexico for a family wedding without our two once. We went for 2 weeks, and its was probably a bit long. We also went to NY for a week for the other halfs 40th in december. We facetimed the kids daily and it was fine. Plus they had a fab time with nanny and grandpa!

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    We are doing the same as Snowy78, H2Bs parents are having our daughter (she will be 3) for a few days and we are going to have a few days away, just in this country, then go on a nice family holiday later. We have been getting her to stay round there for the odd night to get her used to it because I was really worried about leaving her there but she absolutely loves it and never wants to come home the next day! I probably will feel a little guilty but we will talk to her everyday and i'm sure she won't even notice!

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