Sri Lanka visa on post-dated passport with new surname??

Hi there,

I’m hoping someone can help! We’re going to Sri Lanka on our honeymoon & I’d like to buy our tourist visas in advance. I’ve had to replace my passport, so it has been post-dated to the date of our wedding & is in my new name.

We’ve booked through Kuoni & on their website the guidance is that you can’t buy your visa in your new name, as your passport isn’t valid yet – even though it will be when we get there. I’ve asked Kuoni & they didn’t know, so referred me to the Sri Lankan high commission. I’ve looked online but there are conflicting messages about whether you can buy the visa on a postdated passport. I’ll try the high commission, but wondered if anyone has done this or knows the answer? The payment for the visa is non-refundable even if it gets declined so I’m keen to get it right!

Thanks very muchimage

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