Maldives in June?

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Hi all,

Just wondered if any of you had either been or are going on honeymoon to the Maldives in June?

I have seen the most perfect hotel but my only concern is it's the rainy season??

Any thoughts?

Mrsm2b xx


  • MADAM_BMADAM_B Posts: 574
    we went last june to kuredu for a holiday and yes it did rain some whilst we were there. It didnt bother us too much as it was just a holiday and we spent the rainy time by the bar eating crips and drinking beer which was fab as was all inclusive.

    One warning though if you go on the seaplane and its raining I was soooo green when i got off as it was a bit rough and stormy image

    h2b wet himself laughing at me but thankfully the return flight wasnt so bad.

    we had a fab time and i was really tanned but we had been dubai for 3 days and then kuredu for 10 days.

  • buttie16buttie16 Posts: 135
    I'm also going in the rainy season (August) but after weighing up the pros and cons, we decided that we could always find something to do if it rains (if you know what I mean?!!!)
  • MrsM2BMrsM2B Posts: 1,040
    Absolutely know what you mean!

    Well, it's too late now...we've booked!!!! Soooo excited-

    We've booked 10 nights at the one and only kanuhura resort! It looks absolutely gorgeous! We're in a beach villa for 5 nights and water villa for the other 5- couldn't afford the full 10 days in the water villa!!!

    I can thoroughly recommend Destinology- the service so far has been excellent and they have done wonders on teh price. I have rung around loads of travel agents to get the best deal and they are coming in almost £1000 cheaper!

    Enjoy ladies!
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