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Anyone else looking at Cuba?

ako2bako2b Posts: 23
Me and My H2B are realy interested in Cuba as a honeymoon destination...we ahve seen a couple of fantastic hotels and we both love the thought of going somwhere that is that full of history rarther than just a beach holiday - although the beaches do look amazing!

Anyone else thinking of here or have been in the past?



  • LRoseukLRoseuk Posts: 67
    Dear Ako2b,

    H2b and I are off the Cuba for our honeymoon. We are really, really looking forward to it. we've been looking on the website of our hotel resort and just can't belive that 4 weeks tomorrow we'll be both there as Husband and Wife. We've never been to Cuba before and as you know it has alot of history in which we are both looking forward to see during our stay in Cuba. Good luck with your choice I sure you will enjoy whatever you choose.

    All the Best

    Missy L. Rose
  • HeidiErdoganHeidiErdogan Posts: 518
    I am looking at Cuba also but for January, no idea which areas or hotels are the best!!

    heidi xx
  • MrsM2BMrsM2B Posts: 1,040
    Hi Ako2b,

    H2b and I went to Cuba a couple of years ago. We absolutely loved it- I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

    We stayed in Varadero and Havana. I think you have to make sure you go with an open mind. Remember that this is a (and one of the only left!) communist country's and therefore you will see without doubt a lot of poverty.

    However, the cuban people are intelligent, very proud people. I'm fluent in Spanish and therefore got to talk to a lot of locals and although we would find it quite bizarre, they are very proud of their country and many would not have it any other way.

    This may sound a bit harsh- but I do think some play on it to the tourists- e.g. they will tell you they only get paid $20 per month. However, bear in mind that they do not pay rent/mortgage, no council taxes, health care is free and have excellent dr's (we were told if you have bad eye sight less than so much % then you get free laser eye treatment!!!), they have excellent education, some basic food paid for etc, so in a way that $20 will go along way.

    What I am trying to say is, yes it is very poor, don't get me wrong, but I think in many ways it may not be as bad as we think.

    Also, remember about the embargo, so nothing American is allowed into the country. If you want to make friends fast, or get rid of persistent 'musicians' in Havana, take miniature soaps/toiletries and crayons/sweeties for the kids.

    I remember going to Havana and we were on a guided tour, a child came up to us and this Canadian woman almost did a back flip because she thought he was trying to steal, but all he was asking for were 'caramelos'- sweeties! Bless him.

    Anyway, this is beginning to be longer than I thought!

    That's a bit off insight for you into the background!

    If you like music, particularly latino, salsa which I love, you will absolutely love it here. Music is a massive part of cuban life and you can here it whereever you go. Tropicana in Havana is a good night- even just for the nostalgia and we went to a cuban 'night club' with the locals on a couple of nights- think 1950-60's like how your Mum would describe there nights out with a live band! But fantastic all the same- just don't expect Hed Kandi!!!! Lol.

    I recommended Cuba to a friend and was a little disappointed with their reaction to Cuba, particulaly Havana (they said Havana was a dump). I think you need to get an eyewitness book, do a bit of research, be open minded and you will see the beauty of Cuba and it's people.

    Please feel free to ask any other questions- we stayed in the Beaches resort- I think this has since changed but I'm told Sandals Royal Hicacos is one of the best in Varadero- that was by the Thomas Cook manager for Cuba!

    Good Luck on choosing your honeymoon

    MrsM2b xxxx
  • HeidiErdoganHeidiErdogan Posts: 518
    I did speak to someone who said they went to cuba and Mexico and preferred Mexico, I am a bit worried about seeing begging and such, I love latin music , food and my h2b loves cigars!!

    How much roughly is it? and what is the weather like around January?

    I am pretty open minded as I have a place in Turkey and i love it there!

    Heidi xx
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