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slkingslking Posts: 236
Is anyone going to Tahiti for their honemoon?

I have been looking at this as it is the perfect weather for our time of year (July 2008) and it looks beautiful.

Only thing is it looks like it might be quite expensive. Has anyone been or booked to go and willing to tell me how much they paid for it.

I'm also interested in tips from anyone who has been or is going on where you think are the best places/hotels and where you got your infomration from.


  • janeylou00janeylou00 Posts: 47
    Yeah, i'm getting married 28th June 2008 and have had my heart set on Bora Bora for ages...but the prices look a little steep!

    My h2b has come up with an idea though. We are thinking of having our wedding gift list with Turquoise Holidays so our guests can contribute to the honeymoon of our dreams as we have just bought a house and have all the 'household essentials'!

    Would be interseting to hear from anyone who has booked or been already x
  • bleurgh_25bleurgh_25 Posts: 159
    We're going to Tahiti for the final week of our honeymoon. We decided it would probably work out cheaper to get a round the world ticket, so this is the final and most relaxing leg!

    You're right, the resorts are quite pricey - Bora Bora especially. We're going to book Moorea as it works out a bit cheaper. You could always stay on two islands perhaps or change the type of accommodation half way through - over water bungalows are really popular but are the most expensive. I'd recommend checking out tripadvisor for reviews on the resorts etc. Looks beautiful and I'm so excited - we go May 08!

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