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My Honeymoon Hotel Hit By Terrorists

Now_MrsMNow_MrsM Posts: 395

Just seen on the news that the hotel we are going to in Tunisia for our honeymoon has been hit by terrorists and 27 people have been killed....image

Thomson are saying that they are addressing people according to their departure date so we aren't high priority at the moment as we don't fly until 9th September....i am concerned though that we won't be given an option to transfer the honeymoon to something else now that we have paid the balance (and for champagne on the plane!) as they will feel that it will all have "died down" by then.

Its been a terrible wedding week as i have had various dramas to contend with and this just tops it off, think i'll be having a glass of wine tonight!


  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Oh no, how awful!! Do you still want to go the same country or would you rather go elsewhere?

  • Now_MrsMNow_MrsM Posts: 395

    we haven't discussed it yet, but i'm kind thinking we'd want to go somewhere else now?? we have been going to the same hotel in Tunisia for 4 years and never had any problems, we're gutted image

  • mrsbrazilmrsbrazil Posts: 148

    It's so horrific what happened! and I don't know, but I would think with something like this they should be flexible if you decided you really didn't want to go there- even though it might have 'died down' by September, as they say. If you decide to change, you should try to check out now where you stand in this type of situation so you can get it all sorted asap.

  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266 New bride

    Hi one of my clients was telling me that Thomson have offered her the chance to go to Cyprus instead. Think she had to pay about another £50 per person x

  • Hullass1972Hullass1972 Posts: 606 New bride

    My son was due to go to Tunisia in August with his Grandparents and they're now going to Cyprus much to my relief. 

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