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Excellence Riviera Mexico

Hi everyone, i am so excited and a little nervouse. I am getting married on sunday so only 2 more sleeps to go. I am supposed to be tidying the house today aswell as doing a food shop and also packing everything up to take to the hotel tomorrow oh and also getting spraytan at 5.30. I am off to excellence riviera mexico a week on sunday. I am so looking forward to it and am addicted to trip advisor. Anyone recently returned from mexico who can tell me what the weather is like there at the moment. I am addicted to weather sites also to see what the weather is like for sunday if anyone has some inside information about that also would be greatly recieved.


  • Joanne220907Joanne220907 Posts: 110
    Good luck for Sunday! You must be so excited!!!

    We've booked this hotel for October - Would you please let me know how it is??!!

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