Tickets Arrived.....Baggage allowance!

JenniwJenniw Posts: 173
We got our honeymoon tickets yesterday and after reading through the blurb I've just found out the bagage allowance for my first week on safari is just 15kg - that's like the weight of my handbag!

I know I shouldn't tecnically need a lot for safari but I like to be comfortable and take everything I need. How will I cope with just 15 little kgs!!!???

Also, the stuff for our trip onto Mauritius which can be in a hard case (but only 5kg more as total allowance is just 20k) apparently stays at the airport which I find a bit weird.

Any tips for packing light?!!


  • sharplesuksharplesuk Posts: 857
    We did a Kenyan Safari last year and honestly, you will not need much. We went to Tsavo East and West and the hotels were so amazing, we wish we hadn't even taken toiletries as the hotel ones were lush - one even had Molton Brown!

    My advice is to take long sleeves as it can be quite cold the further up you go and long trousers for the evening (I lived in shorts and got bitten galore!). Linen is a good bet.

    Oh, make sure you take jim-jams too - one morning we woke up to an elephant literally noseying in our room (we had first floor but the cheeky bugger still managed to have a sneaky peak in!).

    Have fun - I'm very jealous!
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