All booked - Chaaya Lagoon Hakura Huraa (plus Virgin tip)

Well, last night I managed to persaude H2B to book our honeymoon.

I'd scanned around various locations but have now settled on the Maldives -

Anyway, H2B travels with Virgin (train and plane) a lot with work and recently signed up for one of those frequent flyer cards. So I called Virgin last night, they were a tad more expensive than other tour operators, but with this frequent flyer card (anyone can sign up!), we got 10% off!

So, honeymoon was £3832 and we got just under £400 off - and that's with a water bungalow and all inclusive AND prem economy flights.

I'm so chuffed and now so excited but dreading the diet as I want to look good on that white sandy beach!


  • mcdaviesmcdavies Posts: 3
    when are you going to the maldives? We looked at there for our honeymoon, we wanted to go in July next year....but isnt that their rainy seadson?

    you had a really good deal, the water bungalows look fab!
  • sharplesuksharplesuk Posts: 857
    We're going in September/October next year. Wedding is 25th Sept and we depart from Heathrow on the 27th - cannot blooming wait!

    I think July is Monsoon season, but I have friends who went end of June last year and they said it was gorge weather during the day, but rained and had thunder storms in the evening.
  • kjkukkjkuk Posts: 307
    hi there we booked last saturday to go to Hakura Hurra on 25th Aug 08 for two weeks, got great deal for under £3000 all inclusive water bungalow - it looks amazing - i've read every review on line think 2 were bad out of 70!
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