South Africa, Zambia and Mauritius

We're going on honeymoon for 3 weeks and i keep reading about muggings in SA and Zambia so now i'm concerned about wearing my actual wedding and engagment ring when we go out.

Does anyone have any advice? We're going to kruger in south africa.


  • Hi Fran

    I am from South Africa originally and have been living in London for 4 years. Am going back at Christmas time to see the family and am taking my English H2B to Kruger. Can't wait to show him the bush!

    Remember that Kruger is the bush and that you will be surrounded by wildlife and bush! Chances of any muggings there are about zero. I would take more care being around elephants! Have been there on family holidays before and have always felt really safe there.

    Tourists in South Afica do feel safe going around the more touristy bits, I feel very safe when going back. When I took H2B out there for the first time, he said that he felt that he was back in Spain and that it had a bit of a Mediterannean feel. I wouldn't go in to central Joburg in the dead of night, not many South Africans would want to anyway. Many Europeans in South Africa would want to go into the centre of town, but there isn't much to see. If I was going on holiday there I would go into the bush (you can't go wrong with Kruger... it is beautiful) or go down to Cape Town and enjoy the beach and the lovely restaurants, mountains, shops and so much more!

    As for Zambia, I haven't been before, but would advise you to be cautious. I think that wherever you are in the world you wouldn't go wondering off in an area that you were unfamiliar with.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

  • brookeslaybrookeslay Posts: 151
    I was thinking of going to Zambia to see the falls, i`ve not heard of any problems there but would stay the Zambian side as I don`t want to fund Zimbawe and Mugabe ( you have to pay $50) to cross over and the people are desperate there and heard reports of pushy hawkers. Though up the Zambezi where i will stay it all looks calm. The only rule if you drive around the Kruger is don`t stop for anyone. There are plenty of peoblems with London and I`m not scared there. I too will visit White RIver region and Safari and on to Cape town. My H2b did live in Middleburg so he knows the area well.

    Let me know where you might be going. Brooke
  • frandodsonfrandodson Posts: 487
    Thanks for your replies, we only have to overnight in Johannesburg for our connecting flights to and from Zambia and am not planning on going out into town. We arent driving anywhere ourselves either, we have transfers booked for everything.
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