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Honeymoon in Maldives, is it expensive?

sonik2sonik2 Posts: 23

Hi All

My fiancée and I are really keen to go to the Maldives for 2 weeks, after our wedding on 14th May 2016. We are just a bit worried on the cost for a 2 week trip having speant so much on our wedding. For the honeymoon, our budget each, including flights from Heathrow, all inclusive, would be £2.5k each. We are not looking for anything super luxurious but as we're on honeymoon we do want something quite special. Not bothered which island either. We're thinking of a week on/near the beach and then a week on those huts above the water. But if the later is expensive, we're happy to stay near the beach with nice views. We really want good food as well so that's a but of a priority.

Can anyone recommend any hotels to stay in that wont cost the earth but still something special? I checked all inclusive packages with Virgin (with flights from Heathrow) about £1500 each, but not sure if its special to call it a honeymoon (cant remember the name of the hotel either!)

Any suggestions/tips please let me know.If the Maldives is going to blow our budget, we're thinking of somewhere in Europe (Santorini or Greek island) and later on a bigger honeymoon when we can afford



  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555


    i'm going to the maldives as part of my honeymoon - the total cost for us for a week is about £4k in august in a water villa at the kuramanthi resort, so your budget is probably quite realistic!

    have you popped into some travel agents? they will be able to give you lots of suggestions to fit your budget and requirements whilst bearing in mind that you are wanting to book your honeymoon. we booked with kuoni, but i know there are other honeymoon 'specialists' out there. personally, i don't think virgin are your best bet for honeymooning in that part of the world - i would look to them more for trips to the caribbean and the US.

    even if you choose europe, greece will be lovely i'm sure :) 

    are you planning to do a honeymoon gift list? that can always help your budget!

  • sonik2sonik2 Posts: 23


    thanks for reply. I have heard of Kuoni I haven't contacted them yet or any other travel agents To be honest I've always booked on line as it works out a bit cheaper and easier but will consider agents

    We did think of a honeymoon gift list but didn't include as we have relatives coming from the USA so maybe a bit much for them. We might put a gift post box though

    But will look at some agents as you said and see what they come up with. My least favourite is Flight Centre I've had bad luck with them in the past I don't trust them enough with my honeymoon 

    But thanks agsin :-) 

  • Our honeymoon cost £4800 and we did 3 nights in Dubai staying in the Waldorf Astoria and then 7 nights in a Jacuzzi Beach Villa on Kuredu Island. Would highly recommend as it was the holiday of a lifetime for us and we loved every second. Wish we could relive it all again. We booked through our local travel agents but company were gold medal and we flew with Emirates. This was in August so peak times with school holidays. We wish we had done 4 nights in Dubai ideally looking back as we had a very busy 3 days trying to cram it all in.

    If I can help in any way message me.

    Emma x





  • B23B23 Posts: 169

    good luck in your search! My partner and I were looking at this and I have popped a few tips below :)


    If you are looking at Kuoni their all inclusive packages are not very transparent on their site, when you go in they then tell you that 'all inclusive' means eating in one restaurant, to have proper all inclusive it involves an extra £100+ a day per person.

    Do your research, narrow down the options of where you would like to stay and then look around at prices and packages for each.


    Basically do your research :)



  • sonik2sonik2 Posts: 23

    Thanks all. I'll have a look round 

    Mrs Rowlands: pics looks amazing !

  • Annie12Annie12 Posts: 86

    Mrs Rowlands you have my dream honeymoon! Did you use a company? Have been looking into a few extra days in the Maldives to make it up to 14 nights....your budget is also very similar to what I'm looking at!

  • Rosie91Rosie91 Posts: 77

    Hey, I work at Kuoni so know a lot about the Maldives. Try Kuramathi, Meeru or Reethi Beach! These all come out at good prices. If you need any advice just pop a message over x

  • sonik2sonik2 Posts: 23

    thanks all! i have also posted on trip advisor, and got really good feedback. people giving tips on which hotels to stay at depending on what you want and at what cost, this is helping indeed. i think ill stick to 10 days and 3 days somewhere else, that should come in my budget.


  • Annie12 wrote (see post):

    Mrs Rowlands you have my dream honeymoon! Did you use a company? Have been looking into a few extra days in the Maldives to make it up to 14 nights....your budget is also very similar to what I'm looking at!

    We booked through a local South Wales travel agents Regal Travel but the brochure and tour operator were Gold Medal. I would go for 4 nights in Dubai and 10 in Maldives if we could ever do it again but our budget would only allow the 3 and 7. However no regrets I cherish each and every memory xxx

  • sonik2 wrote (see post):

    Thanks all. I'll have a look round 

    Mrs Rowlands: pics looks amazing !

    Thanks Sonik! It was the best holiday we could have ever wished for. I had worried about island fever and asked my now hubby if we had made the right choice as I wanted to tour Italy initially but he pushed for Maldives. Absolutely no regrets at all and hate to admit it he was 100% correct. Perfect way for us to begin our married life. Hope you all sort your honeymoon of your dreams xxx

  • sonik2sonik2 Posts: 23

    Thanks all! I really want to go so does fiancé but we can't book anything yet, will have to wait until December if the wedding isn't costing too much! Hopefully by then will have narrowed down the options and cost and see where we are. 

    Mrs Rowlands: Staying 3/4 nights in Dubai sounds amazing, one reviewer on trip advisor said BA only fly to end of April so more than likely to go with Emirates or such in May. Pity as I have air miles! Did your agent book flights or you did? Do you know much they came to ? Also did you go for all inclusive ? We prefer it as its cheaper but really looking for good food, seafood in particular and a reef so we can go for snorkelling or maybe a dive. The hotel you stayed in, did it have these? 

    I'll look into the three suggested by Rosie91, I've heard of them.  I know water villas are expensive do you think it's worth it or beach hut is just as nice?

    sorry for the questions☺️

  • Manpreet-Manpreet- Posts: 1


    Me and my fiance are looking at 3 nights in Singapore and then 7 in karumathi, Maldives. We have been quoted circa £10k from kuoni for an all inclusive package for ovetwater pool villas for July 2018.

    Am I right in thinking this is way too much as our budget is a decent £6k. 

    Any advice on how you managed to obtain your great deals would be really appreciated. 


  • gill17gill17 Posts: 568 New bride

    Just wanted to point out that this thread is about 2 years old, so the people posting may have moved on. 

  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    I'm still here 😂

    Manpreet, my husband and I stayed in an overwater pool villa at Kuramathi on the select AI package last August. It was around £6k for the week. We upgraded our room since my original post on this thread. Given that you need to factor in the cost of flights and your stay in Singapore, plus inflation, it doesn't surprise me that your honeymoon nearly comes to that amount.

    Unfortunately, Maldives and 'cheap' will never go in the same sentence. You understand why when you get there though. Bear in mind the the villas you're looking at are the top ones on the island too. They are out of this world, and although they were expensive (just about paid the trip off myself!), we have no regrets in upgrading...but we were in a fortunate position to be able to afford that. I must say that I would've still had an amazing time even if I slept on the beach. Kuramathi is pure magic - you don't need the top villa to have a wonderful honeymoon.

    I know a lot of people who honeymoon at Kuramathi split their time between the different villas to make it more affordable so that might be worth looking into. Perhaps shop around with other travel agents too - I know Kuoni have links with Kuramathi so not sure if you can book there with anyone else, but I guess you need to weigh up how flexible you can be with your plans. Does it have to be Singapore? Do you have to stay in a water villa with a pool at Kuramathi? Ask yourself some questions to help see where your budget can go elsewhere. Kuoni aren't the cheapest agents out there either...

    I'm not sure if they still do it, but Kuoni offered free room upgrades to honeymooners at Kuramathi so we booked a water villa without the pool which made it cheaper than actually booking the water villa with pool. Take advantage of this if it's still available. x

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