Need some advice on where to go?!!!

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Hi ladies, just needed to pick your brains about our honeymoon. We originally weren't going to have one as we couldn't afford it but we have been saving hard and are not going to have a gift list and are going to ask anyone who wants to buy us a present to give us holiday vouchers instead. Trouble is, we don't know where to go! We're hoping for Mauritius, seychelles or Caribbean but don't know where to start. we haven't got a completely ridiculous amount to spend, (no more than £1500 each) so I don't know whether we're completely insane thinking we can have this sort of honeymoon for this amount; every holiday site I've been on seems to come up at about 3K EACH!!!! So, please please, please, if you know anywhere lovely that isn't going to make us have to remortgage our house I'd be really grateful.

Thanks ever so much!



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    Hiya EmmyW

    Me and h2b are giong to Meeru in the Maldives for two weeks next year all inclusive in a jacuzzi water villa for £3000 in total, the weather there is supposed to be fab in the winter. booked with first choice xxx
  • Hi Emmy

    How about somewhere like this?

    This site has some fab places, most are exclusive of flights so you'd have to facter than in, but loads of places are a bit different to what you'd normally find and they tend to all support the local communities too.

    would love to know what you think

    Ruth x
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    Hi Emmy

    It depends what you want really. Are you looking for luxury? Or would you be happy with a less glamourous place and getting more for your money?

    I notice you are getting married on 21st December. Are you planning on being away over Christmas, because that is going to add to the cost (New Year isn't much better I'm afraid). You might get more for your money if you held on until mid Jan.

    Its a good time of year climate wise to go to any of the places that you mentioned, but unfortunately it's also peak season.

    Have you thought about one of the stable North African countries, like Morocco? Or what about South Africa? You might get more for your money there but make sure you do your research. Trip Advisor is a wonderful resource for checking the real information on holiday destinations. We found consistently dreadful reviews for some of the most exclusive hotels and resorts!

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    Hello Emmy,

    Me and my hubby 2 be couldn't afford a honeymoon either but we have booked a Honeymoon with Thomson. You can have your wedding list with them, then when you send out invites you give the you booking number name, and your guests go in and say I would like to pay x amount for mr and mrs etc.

    For example we are going to Mexico, South of cancun in a 5* all inc hotel in a suite with Jacquzzi, and it is costing £4,500, this is with flight upgrades, some people have already asked for the booking details and we only have £2,500 left to pay, and we haven't even sent invites out yet!

    Hope this helps

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