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Need help deciding! China, Australia or New Zealand?

Hi everyone.

Cannot make up my mind where to go for our honeymoon as all these countries look fantastic. If anybody has been to either China, Australia or New Zealand could you give me your opinions please? Which one would you choose to go to? I'm so indecisive!!!!!


  • PeeGPeeG Posts: 94
    Depends when you are going as well for weather. Haven't been to any but if you where going next August the olympics are on in Beijing
  • Hi. H2B and I did all three when we went backpacking, all three countries are absolutely fantastic! It really depends what time of year you're going, what sort of weather you're hoping for and what sort of thing you're looking to do.

    Personally, I found China had that initial 'wow' factor, it's so different to anything you could ever experience in the western world, but I probably wouldn't want to stay there for any longer than 4-7days. You can really see a lot in that space of time without missing anything, after a week the novelty had worn off and I was dying to move on. If it's culture you want then China is the place to go but I'd recommend using it as a stop over on the way to Australia or New Zealand. Many airlines will stop in China but i'd certainly stay longer than the 24 hours that some give you. Another good thing about China, the hotels are out of this world!! Obviously you'll get your shabby ones but as the prices are so reasonable you'll be able to stay in a fab hotel for the price of a 3 star anywhere else. Depending on which part you go to it can get pricey once you're out and about but generally we found it very cheap to eat, shop etc.

    New Zealand is just breath taking for scenery. Everywhere you go you'll be amazed by the views. The people in New Zealand were so frinedly, it's got a very homely feel to it. If it's action you want then head to Queenstown. It's adrenaline central., very popular with the younger crowd, great for back packers but possibly not somewhere I'd stay for a great length of time on my honeymoon. For honeymoon material I'd probably head to the South Island, but again that's personal preference. Some parts can feel slightly deserted but if you're looking to escape everything and unwind then it's spot on.

    Australia - my favourite! Possibly not as beautiful as New Zealand but absolutely loads to do and something to suit everyone's taste. If you're after your white sands and unspoilt views then there's no contest.....Port Douglas! It's north of Cairns which means you can access the Great Barrier Reef, it's quite a laid back town but it screams luxury at the most reasonable prices. Naturally sydney is popular, it seems a shame to go all that way and not see the Opera House. There's loads to do in Sydney but it definatley feels like just another city after a while. Finally,Ayers Rock! A quick flight to Ayers Rock is money well spent. It's the most incredible sight I've ever seen, you will not be disappointed! We only spent 2 days there but that was long enough to see the sunset and rise over the Rock - words cannot explain how amazing it is. That's where H2B popped the question, down on one knee as the sunset, so maybe I'm biased because of the memories I have.

    Anyway, sorry to have rambled but I hope it helps. You'll have an amazing time wherever you choose. Helen x x

  • poppyttpoppytt Posts: 1,355
    Some airlines allow you to incorporate all three countries at affordable airfares!!
  • oakleyukoakleyuk Posts: 7

    All three seem great destinations and you have had some good tips from other emails. We lived in New Zealand for a year and it really would be a great place for a honeymoon destination. You will never go anywhere else as tranquil.Could give you some more info if you are interested?

    As we lived in New Zealand we are opting for Australia for our honeymoon and will definately go to Ayres Rock as its sounds lovely.

    Have fun choosing.



  • MADAM_BMADAM_B Posts: 574
    we are getting a rtw ticket, our itinerary goes like this

    3 nts Hong kong

    3 nts singapore

    2 nts cairns

    1 nt reef encounter cruise from cairns.

    4 nts sydney

    5 nts hamilton island

    3 nts LA

    I am dead excited and just finalising details so hopefully will be sorted soon.

  • bevan1982bevan1982 Posts: 813
    Thanks everyone for your advice and tips- they have all been really useful. x
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